Help with a persistent roof leak please

Help with a persistent roof leak please

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10:19 AM, 17th March 2016, About 8 years ago 1

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I started my own portfolio of 3 flats in 2014 and feel like I’ve learned an incredible amount from property 118. What a great community!what to do

I’ve come across my first dilemma hoping for some advice. I have a persistent leaking roof in a top floor one bedroom flat. All landlords have contributed towards a fund to fix the problem. My roofer advised that the repair was carried out on 11th Feb. I stripped wallpaper, allowed to dry, repapered and painted. My tenants withheld rent for over two weeks citing problems to their health and the need to move elsewhere as they could not live in the flat, but have since moved back in, they have paid 3/4 of he months rent as I agreed to a reduction to help with their alternative housing costs.

However the roof is still leaking – My roofer has been back on the roof and has blamed a problem with next door neighbours chimney stack. He has been contacted again twice and has yet to take any action.

I got a 2nd roofers opinion, which has come back saying that there are issues with the repairs carried out (slates not laid property) I have today received an angry email from tenants saying the roof is leaking again and that they want their rent back as they will have to move out again whilst I fix the problem

I haven’t paid the bill for the first set of repairs – should I just withhold this and get someone competent to fix the problem? I do not explicitly state that tenants cannot withhold rent in my tenancy agreement, however do not agree that I should be returning rent as I am doing everything possible to resolve the problem!

Thanks for your help


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Neil Patterson

10:30 AM, 17th March 2016, About 8 years ago

Hi Tom,

I would start with getting the roofers back in that bodged it and give them the opportunity to fix it, but definitely before you pay them. At the same time track down your neighbour urgently. If it doesn't cost too much to fix it might be worth paying for it and sorting out the money side later rather than increase the issues with your tenant.

Also keep your tenant fully informed of all your are going through and work together 🙂

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