Help – Energy supply dispute?

Help – Energy supply dispute?

9:42 AM, 22nd April 2024, About 2 months ago 2

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Hi, in short: this is an EDF supply dispute. Our last tenant had an account with EDF for electricity. The new tenant has asked to have the account released so they can sign up with another supplier.

EDF has refused for 5 months to release the account, we assume because there is a debt. We have supplied all the requested documents, but they just continue to ask for more information, and be obstructive.

This has gone on for over 5 months now. They are still supplying electricity but not sending bills as the tenant does not want an account with them. We are at a stand off. The property is a shop, and the tenant is trying to run a business.

The Energy Ombudsman will not touch it as the account is not in the new tenants name. We have written to the CEO of EDF also.
In effect they are rendering our property unrentable.

Any advice?


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Kate Mellor

11:25 AM, 22nd April 2024, About 2 months ago

Surely the procedure to follow is that you or your new tenant provide EDF with a final reading and put the supply into the new tenant's name. They are responsible for any usage going forward from the date their tenancy commenced. They don't take a fixed tariff deal, but operate on EDF's variable rate, so they aren't fixed in. Your tenant then applies for a switch with their chosen supplier who arranges this directly with EDF.

What am I missing? It sounds as though your new tenant hasn't followed the correct procedure and so is in limbo. I'm surprised this hasn't gone to collection. They would normally start sending demands to the landlord in this instance in my experience.

I've had nothing but trouble with electricity suppliers in the past 12 months, but when this happens, once I've done my best to resolve it I lodge a complaint with their complaints procedures and someone with at least half a brain resolves it for me.

Sally Robinson

12:51 PM, 22nd April 2024, About 2 months ago

Hi Sally, and anyone else with EDF.
After living in France for 17 years I would never go near EDF or any other French owned utility supplier. Their rigid mentality about contracts and love of sacking employees who make an error, does not enable wise and flexible micromanagement. I wish I could help more, but keep trying and making this situation as public as possible is probably your best weapon as in general French management do not like to be named and shamed, and this might 'kick someone into action'. ?? Best wishes

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