Has the “fairer private rented sector” really been fair to landlords?

Has the “fairer private rented sector” really been fair to landlords?

16:31 PM, 23rd February 2023, About A year ago 1

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The Government boasted a “fairer private rented sector” but has it really been fair to landlords? For many landlords, it’s hard not to panic. With the overhaul of the rental rules this year, indefinite tenancies plus not to mention the end of section 21 evictions, hurdle after hurdle seems to be stacking up on top of another hike in interest rates, the eroding of capital gains tax, and tax-free allowances.

Indeed, it was meant to be the year of a fair sector, but did it really benefit anyone? Increasingly tight measures sent landlords across the UK into panic mode, with hundreds flocking to portfolio exit specialists such as Landlord Sales Agency to get out quick.

The knock-on effect was equally disastrous for tenants. LandlordZONE reported that the shortage of housing caused by so many landlords rushing to exit the market had seen tenants “queuing in the streets for a viewing at one end of the spectrum” and at the extreme other the higher rents caused by landlords trying to counteract taxes and interest rates had caused tenants to be “thrown out onto the streets.”

To say that there is a crisis on our hands is unavoidably and uncomfortably true. But is the panic by landlords justified? The answer is in taking a look at the current situation:

  1. Tax bills haven’t gone away and they need paying
  2. Many landlords are still unable to get round to sorting out their empty properties and refurbs
  3. There’s less cash in pot due to rate rises, so even if you don’t sell all your properties, selling some properties to raise funds is a sensible option
  4. Tenants are in arrears and many are paying low rents with some skipping rents, having a huge effect on landlords
  5. The rate rise this month has become the nail in the coffin for many landlords who were on the fence about selling

It’s a tough decision, but going down with a sinking ship just isn’t an option for some landlords in difficult positions. Thankfully, there are solutions out there to help landlords sell that benefit both landlords and tenants.

At Landlord Sales Agency we’re able to sell properties with or without tenants. When it comes to tenanted properties, we know exactly what to do to ensure that landlords are still able to sell fast for the highest prices, while at the same time either keeping the tenants on or helping your tenants relocate, source new properties or even provide funds for them to be able to afford deposits on a new property.

What’s more, helping tenants doesn’t affect the price we get for your buy-to-lets – we not only take the whole job on whilst you relax, we take any financial assistance we provide to tenants out of our profit, and are completely transparent with how much we make.

Our dedicated team of real estate professionals are 100% focused on helping landlords sell their properties quickly and efficiently for the best price possible:

  • We have a powerful database of over 30,000 private buyers and portfolio buying companies who want to buy whole portfolios straight away, and who are alerted every time we have a portfolio to sell
  • Because we focus on a quality fast sale, rather than a cheap fast sale, we ensure that our buy-to-let portfolios are sold not just fast, in less than 28 days, for a financially savvy 85% of the value (in some cases even higher) – which makes sense when we handle every single part of the sale for you, including liaising with all tenants, ensuring all certificates and licenses are in place, and allowing you to simply make the call to us then sit back and relax knowing we’re on it to get the whole portfolio sold before the market drops
  • We’re a company created by landlords for landlords, so we now exactly what you need to do to overcome all the hurdles and release you from financial stress, including rising taxes, interest rates and bills
  • There’s no one like us out there, and we’ve built up an unbeatable record for helping landlords which is why we’re the number one go-to company for our partners, including Property118

So if you’re looking to exit, let us take the stress off your hands, get you the best price for your portfolio, and ensure a win-win deal for both you and your tenants all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Judith Wordsworth

14:11 PM, 24th February 2023, About A year ago

Of course not, lol.
It's well balanced in favour of tenants whether they are good or, sadly, downright bad!

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