I hadn’t noticed the missing rent at the time?

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6 months ago

I hadn’t noticed the missing rent at the time?

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I hadn’t noticed the missing rent at the time?

I have recently filled out my tax return, and in checking over my accounts, found that one tenant missed one payment. It was a flat share and the other rents for the other rooms had come in.

I hadn’t noticed the missing rent at the time. This tenant has now left. I have an email and a phone number for him, and an address for the lead tenant that left at the same time. I don’t know where he works, but I know it was for the Transport Police.

What is the best way for me to proceed in trying to recover this missing payment?

Many thanks



Luke P

6 months ago

Ask nicely and/or write it off.

Ken Smith

6 months ago

Personally I would chalk it down to experience and move on.

I can imagine at best it will be a fiasco getting the money. It reads as if it was only one tenant in a house share?

Your profits will have been reduced by this oversight and if you are a 40% taxpayer you will only be 60% of the actual cash down.

Freda Blogs

6 months ago

I had exactly the same situation. I believe if you have accepted the keys/end of the tenancy and returned the deposit, that is the end of the matter and you cannot legitimately seek payment of the outstanding rent, as you have already done the reconciliation and had your chance to recover anything that you were due.

Trevor Cooper

6 months ago

No harm in pointing it out to the tenant and asking them to pay it but beyond that, you are probably best to put your energy into setting up a process when rents are checked and confirmed as paid so it does not happen again.


6 months ago

I think that you are very unlikely to get the money. Think of it as a paid-for lesson in the importance of keeping basic financial records 😉

Ian Narbeth

5 months ago

You are unlikely to get the money but under section 19 of the Limitation Act 1980, the time limit for an action to recover rent is six years.

If your tenants were jointly and severally liable then you can claim the arrears from any of them even if the party you pursue had paid his or her "share". I suggest you contact the tenant and ask them to pay. If you get no joy, contact the lead tenant and ask them to pay.

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