Final call for members

Final call for members

15:00 PM, 30th October 2018, About 3 years ago 23

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We were told that it could not be done. That landlords would not sign up, that the two main organisations had it sewn up. Wrong. The Alliance is good to go.

I appeal to all those landlords who have sat on the fence. Those landlords who have decided to wait and see. If Churchill had decided to wait and see, where would we be now ?

Join us we need your membership. We need the numbers and we will change the narrative. Allow me to give a flavour of how we will campaign.

The next local authority which opens a consultation on Selective licensing, we will demand to be part of that consultation. Yes the other organisations tried that and got nowhere. Reason being the consultations are a sham. The decision has been taken.

We know that, but will approach it differently. At the same time we will fund a media campaign in that borough alerting council tenants of their right to sue the council for inferior accommodation. We are held to the highest standards and that should also apply to the LA. If Councils continue their misguided hate campaign against the PRS, we will fight back hard.

Give us the numbers to fight on your behalf.

Please Pledge your £100 to the email address below


by Larry Sweeney

13:01 PM, 1st November 2018, About 3 years ago

Hi Everybody.
Simply email your pledges to
We are almost ready to go live with the website. Your support is much appreciated and very much needed. We have a long hard road ahead, but are more than ready for the fightback.

by Milltown

8:35 AM, 2nd November 2018, About 3 years ago

To my fellow landlords
Why not give this new group your support for a year and see what it can do as the other groups have failed us by joining with councils and helping run SELECTIVE LICENSING. Landlord groups should be there to support and fight for landlords not to help councils with SL and in the process take landlords fees and then run landlords into the ground. Please think about it and switch your support to this group if only for a YEAR.

by john mcghee

9:20 AM, 2nd November 2018, About 3 years ago

It's about time we stood up and fought for ourselves. The new union seems a great idea and l am on the verge of committing to them, l am just worried about what we can actually achieve.
I am an ex miner so you can imagine that l would welcome a strong union.
There are lots of us l would think just waiting to pledge our alliance, but we all have our misgivings. The courts don't seem to recognise us and if a tenant walks out without giving notice, is in arrears and left the property in a mess l still can't see us being able to recover our losses.
I want to be a member and am not putting anyone down, just not convinced.

by Luke P

9:22 AM, 2nd November 2018, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by john mcghee at 02/11/2018 - 09:20
As suggested above, give it a go for a year. It's only £100, which is tax deductible so not really £100 anyway. It's hardly a fortune to risk for a potential massive achievement (whether or not we get there is yet to be seen, but harder without support)...

by AJR

18:46 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 3 years ago

Given the onslaught of misinformation against the PRS, something has to be done if you value all those years of hard work and commitment that has gone into your rental business.
We cannot expect to turn the tide if we do not support some kind of NEW initiative. The existing players NLA/RLA/SLA have failed across the board to influence political thinking. Forget ‘ a stronger voice through merger’ these associations have been around for many years and it’s never really happened, probably for reasons of self interest and ego politics. If a merger were possible where is the evidence that bigger is always better? Bigger is not always better, what really counts is effectiveness.

The Landlord Alliance is a new option for landlords, perhaps the last option. It may also prove to be a turning point, if it can grow, learn and act decisively in the political areana. We therefore must support the best PR training, use the best media gurus, the best research analysis, and get the best PRS minds in business behind this. That’s certainly where I would like to see my pledge spent. It may not be perfect yet or even close, but that is no reason to fall shy of making a commitment and actively helping to improve the concept, quite the reverse. So, time to step up and get Larry’s new machine polished, primed, ready and determined to set the record straight for landlords..

by Milltown

20:42 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by john mcghee at 02/11/2018 - 09:20
Like you suggested about the miners union, by standing together we can and will change things. If all landlords done proper referencing and that includes lifestyle referencing the courts would be out of work. The reason there are so many bad tenants is because we the landlords allow them to move in to our properties without doing proper referencing. Proper referencing including lifestyle referencing and good rent guarantee insurance is the only way to protect ourselves and let the councils house the rogue tenants. Landlords must unite and organise ourselves and show the government and councils we have had enough and we are now prepared to stand and fight for our rights. As I see it the National Landlords Alliance is the way forward. Someone said what will I get for my £100.00, well I will tell you a lot more than you will if you are in a Selective Licensing Area and you give it to the council. So landlords pledge your £100.00 and let Harry Sweeney get to work on all of our behalf and see what happens. What have you got to loose? £100.00 "peanuts."

by Steve B

8:31 AM, 3rd November 2018, About 3 years ago

Personally, I don't know if Larry will succeed and I'm not sure if their twitter approach is a good or bad thing (I don't use twitter) but consider this, what if he and his team SUCCEED in their ambition on just one front? Wouldn't that be worth the risk. I suggest that you think of what will happen if you (we) do nothing ... you're absolutely correct NOTHING and that's guaranteed. So why not join (maybe for just a year) n see what MIGHT happen? I for one am willing to give him a chance because at the moment he is SHOUTING about what we're all talking about amongst ourselves. Doubts n uncertainty are a part of life but APATHY is self inflicted!

Go get em Larry!

by Whiteskifreak Surrey

9:10 AM, 5th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Iwould have pledged my £100 for a year a long time ago, but I do not seem to have ever received a reply to my question relating to the original article, published on P118. My question related to the sentence: "We have written to Chancellor Hammond with the following demands:
An amendment to sect 24 (we want it repealed) but decided to give them some wriggle room."
I asked about that wriggle room and to see the text which was sent to Hammond and never really saw anything in form of clarification.
Saying that - I was away for 2.5 weeks so I could have missed the reply, with not-ideal access to internet. Could Larry or someone else clarify the action quoted above? Thank you.

by Joe Robertson

10:01 AM, 5th November 2018, About 3 years ago

I've not seen the twitter page but I can guess the tone/tactic adopted by the alliance. In all, I think the union is a fantastic idea BUT everything I've read, posted by Larry feels very Tommy Robinson esque.
I agree we need to be strong and firm however this looks like it could be turned into bad press for landlords very quickly as they 'prepare for battle' with a charity that most of the public love!

by Luke P

10:22 AM, 5th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Joe Robertson at 05/11/2018 - 10:01
And Tommy Robinson has achieved far more (even if only raising his own profile, but also money, supporters and greater prominence) than anyone ever thought possible...

Being like the NLA/RLA has been tried and not worked.

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