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Joe Robertson

13:19 PM, 7th September 2020
About 5 months ago

Beta Users Wanted for new Landlord App - Alphaletz!

how is this different to the FREE Lendlord Software?... Read More

Joe Robertson

11:27 AM, 20th August 2020
About 5 months ago

Buyer's Solicitor being uncooperative?

Imho you have little chance of it being extended by Friday. All parties are dealing with backlogs and it sounds like the buyer is employing delay tactics and isn’t serious about completion. If I were you I would allow this to progress but still have it advertised on the open market. Where is the property? If it’s in the north west I may be interested in a cash purchase. Read More

Joe Robertson

14:25 PM, 10th August 2020
About 5 months ago

Do Housing Associations take a cut somewhere?

Hi reluctant,

It depends on what type of contract arrangement you have. I have one where the 'tenant' is the company and they then fill the house with the councils queue of people. They make a profit on the management of he property and also for arranging repairs and maintenance just like any letting agent would.... Read More

Joe Robertson

11:46 AM, 29th January 2020
About 12 months ago

Bridging Finance - is this a good deal for me?


A couple of points to consider:
First time LL not likely to be granted a HMO mainstream mortgage (at least at favourable rates) without proven experience of previous standard AST's in place.

HMO licence may not be granted on the same principle?

Will you be living at the property?

Can you afford the bridge if the property was empty for several months whilst you learnt the ropes and complied with HMO licencing and property renovations?

Can you afford the bridge at 50-75% occupancy?

Bridging CAN be good for the skilled and experienced. It can also be very very crippling for the inexperienced/ unfortunate.

Be certain of your escape route.... Read More

Joe Robertson

16:20 PM, 26th June 2019
About 2 years ago

How do I sell up a portfolio?

Reply to the comment left by john mcghee at 26/06/2019 - 14:36

Please may I have your phone number/ email address so we can communicate privately?

Thanks... Read More