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Joe Robertson

10:43 AM, 29th June 2021, About 3 months ago

A Quiz For Property Traders

This sounds very straight forward to me - perhaps im missing something.

Gross profit from the first year is £100,000
Gross profit from 2nd time round = £60,000

1. total gross profit = £160,000

How much better/ worse off is the property trader?

2. In a strictly financial sense the trader who has flipped properties in his sole name will have been charged income tax on profits.

Assuming no pension contributions his take home would be:

year 1 = £66,693
other year = £43,493

total = 110,186

He will most likely gain a sense of satisfaction and pride of his ability to trade successfully with as little work as possible. I'd say hats off to him...but try to do 3 a year not 2 every 3 years.

*important* Whilst i do enjoy a cold glass of champagne - i really love British fizz more. Despite the awful name the finished product is far superior ;-)... Read More

Joe Robertson

15:31 PM, 11th May 2021, About 5 months ago

Is the listed flat too small?

Reply to the comment left by Richard P at 11/05/2021 - 15:25
I couldn't agree more choice should be for the individual. Offering a property like this to someone who wants to ave like crazy to get themselves on the property ladder is a great option for them. But the Gov are creating a stigma by introducing min room sizes.
Min room/flat sizes should be scrapped; rent control idea needs to be put in the bin and national minimum wage is no good for anyone either! We need to create jobs not have barriers for entry.... Read More

Joe Robertson

15:58 PM, 4th May 2021, About 5 months ago

Is the listed flat too small?

This would be entirely legal to let yes!

However ask yourself...Why wont lenders touch it? As a business/income stream it might not be viable.

A listed building sounds attractive and may get tenants attention but after 6 months of living in the property with limited cupboard/storage/sitting/enjoyment space my guess is they will move out. The tenant turn around will be horrendous and costly.

The exception to the rule might be London where space/living conditions seem to be lower.... Read More

Joe Robertson

18:01 PM, 30th March 2021, About 6 months ago

Land Transaction Tax - Welsh Holiday Let?

Reply to the comment left by Michael Bond at 30/03/2021 - 17:56
It’s an interesting one and I believe they only way I am going to find out is by going for it. I think there’s good argument for changing to holiday let and eventually turning to residential in a number of years.... Read More

Joe Robertson

14:59 PM, 29th March 2021, About 6 months ago

Land Transaction Tax - Welsh Holiday Let?

That’s for your input Jerry.

Have you heard of cases where this kind of appeal has been successful? I guess it simply comes down to the local councils position on the matter.

I may have to consider completing the works before I own the property which I think could be achievable if I let them get the summer earnings out the way first.

Do you know if I could register for business rates immediately or would I have to operate with council tax for a year or so first?... Read More