Extending lease on a flat with Nottingham City Council?

Extending lease on a flat with Nottingham City Council?

11:44 AM, 10th March 2023, About 12 months ago 3

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Hello, I’ve been reading a thread from August 2021 about experiences of extending leases. The information from Mick Roberts was very useful but it’s not clear how the lease extensions concluded.

I’m involved in a similar process, extending a lease on a one bedroom flat (90 yrs left) with Nottingham city council.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone at Property118 who has experience of a similar lease extension with Nottingham city council more recently and doesn’t mind sharing.

Thank you,


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Mick Roberts

15:28 PM, 10th March 2023, About 12 months ago

I've just had email from my solicitor today by the way, been going about 5 months I think.
Im sking by the way,
But I will be good to u and copy his email below.
So far ive had £600+ bill to my solicitor, Council bill may be about £2000 per flat {4 flats).
I estimated approx total 7k per flat. If someone reminds me in a few months, I can tell them my total cost and hassle.
So far, about 10 emails between me and my solicitor and Council surveyor.
Hardest thing was arranging Council appointed surveyor/valuer to get in all 4 flats which I did, but the Council took too long to forward my email to surveyor? So I dealt with Surveyor direct after that.

Today's email also enclosed Surveyors valuations/reports with technical Lease words.

Solicitor email:

Morning Mick,

I refer to the recent valuations carried out by the council.

I have now received those valuations which are attached. The offer of the council is in line with the valuations and is said to be “the Council’s final offer and is not open to negotiation as we have to show best value has been achieved under s123 LGA 1972”.

As you will see the valuations are as follows:

Riseborough -£630.00;
Jacklin Gardens -£690.00;
Boniface Gardens -£460.00; and
Highbury Road -£780.00.

These offers are all lower than the £800.00 per property you offered so should be accepted. There is no benefit in challenging the validity of the notice which is in my view defective, so please confirm that I should proceed to complete the leases. It will still need you to pay the council’s fees, but you have at least saved a few quid on the premiums for the new leases.


16:02 PM, 10th March 2023, About 12 months ago

Why are you extending your lease at this stage because there is a 90 year unexpired term left and the marriage values are not part of the calculation until there are 80 unexpired years remaining.
I say this because the Government are supposed to bring in new rules regarding leases in order to simplify the process and presumably make it cheaper for leaseholders.

Mick Roberts

6:54 AM, 11th March 2023, About 12 months ago

For some of us, 10 years flies by and we could be there before we know it.
I took a gal on in one flat I was selling in September as she was homeless, but told her I would be selling within 3 years to a mate that wikl keep her in-So at least I've told her so she knows. But I'll probably still have her in 10 years.

Yes, I was going to delay cause of the new Lease rules,but took a chance rbat cause mine are Council, I've got no bad restrictions.

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