Eviction Advice – Drug Den

Eviction Advice – Drug Den

9:32 AM, 22nd January 2014, About 10 years ago 15

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I have a long standing tenant who up until around 8 months ago never caused a problem. Various family issues have resulted in her getting in with the wrong type and she now is dependant on drugs.

This has resulted in the property becoming a local drug den. Windows are smashed there are needles and furniture in the back yard. The Police are out to the property on an almost daily basis. The door is such that local youths are entering the property to take drugs whenever they feel like it. The tenant also leaves the property unlocked to allow this. The police tell me inside is wrecked and needles and other drug evidence is left around.  Eviction Advice - Drug Den

We also own the property above this one too. Our tenant moved out as a result and we have not even tried to re let it as it would not be fair on anyone new moving in.

We tried to help this girl with the assistance of her sister. We have had the local Housing officers contact her to try and assist her to move out of the area.We have used a solicitor to give her the correct notice which expired on the 9/1/14 . She told us that she had a hostel lined up so we gave her another week before we instructed the solicitor to apply for a court order and baliffs .

We are getting calls and letters from local residents and neighbours pleading with us to get her out. Her and her “friends” play music loudly most nights. When the Police come they turn it down. These people just tell the neighbours they will wait til the kids are back asleep before the turn it up again. They delight in making the lives of neighbours a complete misery.

We are considering entering the property changing the locks and boarding the whole lot up so no one can get in for a month so that these druggies find somewhere else. Where do we stand if we do this before we get a court order ? We are genuinely concerned now that if one of them sets fire to the property or leaves the gas on some neighbour will be seriously injured or killed. The property is insured so that’s not a problem. But we do not want to act illegally and find ourselves being sued by a drug user with the help of a good doer .

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Jeremy Smith

10:56 AM, 22nd January 2014, About 10 years ago

What happens if the tenant gives up her tenancy and leaves the property, but the other druggies or dealers are still in and using the place?
Can they claim any right to be there, ie. claim they have taken on the tenancy by default, and if there are there, sitting on the couch, how do you get them out ?

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

11:02 AM, 22nd January 2014, About 10 years ago

I think a bribe could be the answer here, a "smack-head" will do just about anything for £20 when they are desperate for a fix, including signing a surrender of tenancy form.

I've never done this but you might want to run this idea past the Police to see what they have to say and whether they would be prepared to witness the transaction and ensure that everybody leaves the premises.

It's a long shot but worthy of consideration.

If you do this make sure you have locksmith on hand to change the locks and secure the property immediately after. If the property is occupied by squatters the police now have both the duty and powers to arrest them since "Squatters Rights" were abolished as of 1st September 2012 - see >>> http://www.property118.com/new-laws-scrap-squatters-rights/31567/

Richard Kent

11:04 AM, 22nd January 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Jeremy Smith" at "22/01/2014 - 10:56":


Assuming there is no Tenancy Agreement with anyone else, anyone found in the property can be removed by police as they are considered squatters.

This is presuming the tenant has surrendered the tenancy through the Landlord's solicitor in exchange for financial incentive such as the return of their deposit.

Asking a tenant to surrender a tenancy can backfire, which is why you must do it through a solicitor.

Neil Robb

15:22 PM, 26th January 2014, About 10 years ago

This goes to show why the law should be changed to protect the landlord and neighbours.

the property has been wrecked. The relationship between the landlord and neighbours probably ruined.

A hefty legal bill and repair for the landlord. all the stress mentioned got to ask why we do it.

If the landlord does anything inappropriate the bad tenant will sue and get a large compensation.
I know under current law the landlord can not take back his property, surly it is not unreasonable for this person to take back and protect his property after all the seems to be a huge amount of evidence for breach of tenancy agreement.

The law should be if you live like an animal not respecting your neighbours land lord then don't expect to be treated like a human.

I really feel sorry for the land lord as he was even willing to give an extra week to allow the lady to go a hostel that's compassion.

Jeremy Smith

16:12 PM, 26th January 2014, About 10 years ago

Someone once told me that if your tenants are not paying, go round and see them, then just sit down and watch the telly there !

When they ask what you are doing, just tell them you are using the house just like them, but they are not paying and you are !!

- This is NOT legal advice - !!!!

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