EPC F rating for ‘No Mains Gas’ – is this reason for exemption?

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6 months ago

EPC F rating for ‘No Mains Gas’ – is this reason for exemption?

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EPC F rating for ‘No Mains Gas’ – is this reason for exemption?

Is being in a ‘No Mains Gas’ area a valid reason for EPC exemption? We have a rental property which is in an area that has no mains gas so it has LPG fuel instead and got an EPC F rating.

The person who did the EPC said that the property would have a D rating if it was linked to Mains Gas and suggested that we apply for an exemption since this is something outside of our control.

I cannot decide if it is covered by any of the exemption eligibility criteria as it is clearly not cost effective, but is presumably not ’capable of being installed within the Green Deal’s Golden Rule’ so doesn’t seem to meet this criteria.

Since linking to mains gas was not listed on the recommend measures on the EPC, will they simply insist that I undertake these measures instead?

Can anyone advise on this please?

Thanks, Jennie


Luke P

6 months ago

There was a Green Deal company on here looking specifically to assist non-mains gas households...

terry sullivan

6 months ago

write/email secretary of state for housing? this sounds like crap to me

James Barnes

6 months ago

My initial though is that not being on the gas network won't be grounds for an exemption, if it were that'd probably apply to the majority of rural homes.
As far as I can tell the exemption will apply when it costs more than £2500 to bring the property up to an E Rating, hardly breaking the bank!

John Frith

6 months ago

My understanding is that exemption applies if you can show that it would be unreasonably expensive to bring it to the required standard. The report should have highlighted measures (other than mains gas) that could be implemented, so if they are too expensive, or wouldn't be sufficient, then you should have grounds for exemption.

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