Do you think the reality is dawning at last?

Do you think the reality is dawning at last?

10:10 AM, 17th December 2021, About 2 years ago 1

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Hallelujah! At last, the Council (or in this case Council’s) are realising that the risk is way too high for a private LL to ‘give’ their property to the Council for a fixed period if all they are going to do is put in a benefits tenant, pay the base rate LHA and then walk away. Let’s hope more councils jump at this idea soon. About time, they started to house their own ‘interesting’ clients!

While the plan for Capital Letters is ‘admirable’, the reality of the cunning plan seems doomed to fail to me – but I suppose that’s actually expected. Just need, as ever, to be SEEN to be doing something to address the housing issue. The money will be moved here and there, so the stats look good.

I feel sorry for those who will be renting from the Council who are not on full benefits…. ‘remainder split between market and sub-market rent for key workers such as nurses and teachers’. You are essentially going to be ending up paying for the ones they let via the LHA! And of course, you are going to be housed next to those who the council didn’t want to house themselves in the first place but couldn’t palm off elsewhere…….

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Mick Roberts

7:44 AM, 18th December 2021, About 2 years ago

Yes DSR, Nottingham started their own Letting Agency type thing to entice Landlords. After the same Council of course had shafted Landlords with Licensing. So as u can expect, when the Council asked us to place our houses with them, or take their tenants via their guaranteed scheme thing, we told the same Council to do one.

I can see other Councils following suit, they gonna' have to get some houses from somewhere if they can raise the money.

Makes u laugh though, they fine & punish Landlords with one hand, then the other hand comes begging Please help us house these tenants cause You've just kicked 'em out cause we've tortured u with Licensing & fines.

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