Daily Telegraph wants to talk to landlords about regaining possession of their homes

Daily Telegraph wants to talk to landlords about regaining possession of their homes

10:53 AM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago 1

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Are you a landlord who has recently experienced difficulties regaining possession of your property? Then, Alexa Phillips, personal finance reporter for the Telegraph, would like to speak with you. Alexa wants to talk to Property 118 readers about:

Which eviction process did you use (eg section 21 or section 8)?

What are the challenges you faced and how long did it take?

Did you use a solicitor or specialist eviction firm?

What level of rent arrears were built up and were you able to recover these?

Your feedback will be most appreciated to assist the editorial team.

Please email: alexa.phillips@telegraph.co.uk



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Mick Roberts

11:55 AM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

You wanted Section 21 examples, happy for u to ring me Mon to Fri 8 to 3.

Approx £4000 rent arrears as at Feb 2023.

I issued Section 21, even had letter from tenant saying she only wants this eviction to get the Council to help her (enclosed), & still taking 10 months with every obstacle you can imagine coming from the Courts.
I've used Chris at PossessionFriend who knows his stuff & will tell u the Courts a law to themselves. Someone needs to tell these courts though, that their obstacles & delays now are making it worse for the next tenant, cause I & many other Landlords aren't giving tenants a chance next time. It's only top class tenants with guarantors for us from now on.

My letters to the court & tenants letter below:


Claim Number XXX Mick Roberts v XXX
Warrant number XXX

Dear Bailiff's,

Thanks for sending me more forms to sign & send back-Enclosed.
I shall post these forms as well, but can I ask why you don’t allow these things by email to reduce delays? Which eventually helps vulnerable tenants get houses again if Landlords know everything won’t be against them, should the tenant start to be bad.

Is there any more forms I’m going to expect to receive & sign back?

I & tenant has been asking for the 20 Feb week for 9 months. I’m skiing on the date you have asked for, been booked 12 months, but I will cancel it & lose £1500. I’d have thought 9 months notice would have been sufficient.

I shall now tell tenants housing providers 3 March 0930 for eviction. She is very amicable. She’s a good woman & doesn’t want to be told last minute, so thank you for giving her 3 weeks notice.

Previous notes constantly repeated as we need to get the system changed so tenants can have a choice again of being able to get affordable housing.
Can you please ring me to confirm you have everything, as there seems to be a letter come from the court asking for more stuff to be filled in, just about before things are about to happen. At every stage.

I want to work round the tenant XXX for her date she wants & also my dates. She wanted the house over Xmas, as Council still aren't getting back to her.
Council are putting her on Band 1 8th Dec if we can delay till the below dates please to give her more chance of getting Council house.
The dates we want are 20th Feb 2023 to 24th Feb 2023 if possible if that is enough notice for bailiff.
I've met some of them, & these bailiff's are human like me if they can slot me & tenant in please.

All this extra work, Landlords report on the forums, remember & tell people how hard it is, Landlords pack up &/or only chooses the most perfect tenant next time, makes it even worse for tenants.

I don’t wish to pursue costs if you can avoid this please.

Why doesn’t the court automatically start the process once the 14 days has passed for the defendant to file a defence? As the Landlord would never know. This leaves the Landlord to do even more paperwork when he’s already asked the court to deal with it. I’d have thought better for tenants long term if the Court just started the order/hearing once that date has passed, landlord is less frustrated, & is more like to take a chance with vulnerable people next time. As it is, the harder this process is, more Landlords pack up & don’t house the low earners & benefit tenants next time. I know this as I’m biggest benefit Landlord in Nottingham & I wish to sell all my houses, but I can’t as my tenants can’t get anywhere any more. I’m stuck with them for life as I cannot ask good tenants to leave, even though they paying 70% of market rents. I also can’t carry on forever being 70 years old & getting Govt through me in prison cause they want an EPC C which may cost £900pm rent when the tenant is happy to pay £500pm for EPC D.

Anyway, thank you for listening, please pass my comments on to the powers above.

More Government & Council intervention, retrospective legislation increasing rents & making the good Landlords pack up & sell leaving low earning tenants unable to secure accommodation nor pay extortionate rents.

Happy for you to ring me Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Roberts

Another part of another letter:
N235 enclosed please if you can not use the one you sent me back. Can someone please now ring me to confirm all is ok, so we don’t miss another deadline.
XXX letter enclosed.
Your letter enclosed explaining you already have the £130 fee & are allowing this by email.

I’ve already sent you the below, but you sent me it back as we had the post-code wrong of the property. Thank you for telling us.
You have also gave us only until 15 Dec 2022 to reply & thank you for allowing this by email. Can I ask why you didn’t email us too, to not delay things? Considering the Royal Mail strikes too? The cheque was cashed on the 24th Nov 2022.
I’d just like to see this process much better as tenants can’t get houses as it is, & the harder & more awkward this process is, the worst it then becomes for tenants to get somewhere next time as more Landlords sell & be super selective.

XXXX Street

Dear Court,

I will not be contesting this eviction at all.
I get on with my Landlord. My partner and his joint tenant son left leaving me unable to pay the rent.

DWP Universal Credit UC constantly messed my claim up and payments to my Landlord making the situation worse. Please pass this on as part of the reason for eviction. We can't get houses any more because of UC. Something needs doing.

My Landlord wishes to sell all his houses anyway due to UC and Nottingham Council Selective Licensing, and my two points above has bought forward his selling decision on this house.

My Landlord has to go through all this expense and hassle, as the Council Housing services for me, won't act until bailiff date as you may be aware. So if you can please hurry this up, as the delay is not fair on me nor my Landlord.



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