Daily Telegraph wants to speak to landlords about the Renters Reform Bill

Daily Telegraph wants to speak to landlords about the Renters Reform Bill

11:19 AM, 16th May 2023, About 11 months ago 4

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Are you a landlord who is worried about the wide range of reforms expected in the Renters’ Reform Bill? Then, Alexa Phillips the personal finance reporter for the Telegraph would like to speak with you.

Alexa would like to speak to Property118 readers about:

  • What do you think about the proposals in the bill, and how will it impact you?
  • Are you worried about the end of Section 21 evictions?
  • Have you had bad experiences with problem tenants?

If you would like to comment on the issue, please email: alexa.phillips@telegraph.co.uk

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Tim Heather

19:06 PM, 17th May 2023, About 11 months ago

The effect will be a catastrophe for tenants.
Landlords will sell in even greater numbers un willing to compensate for govt woeful lack of housing provision.
The massive reduction in numbers of available properties will of course increase demand and rental levels.
Shelter and the other left wing organisations together with this pathetic govt have dealt tenants a terrible disservice veiled as
Needed legislation.
A lie.

David Houghton

21:59 PM, 17th May 2023, About 11 months ago

We used to take tenants who could not produce references. Some were great some had previous problems such as alcohol or drugs.

Having a stable home is the first step to fixing their lives. We can't afford to do this without s21.

We didn't use S21 for no reason it was all when S8 grounds were satisfied.

Now selling up. I hope Shelter full the void. Oh hang on.....

Graham Tongate

7:16 AM, 18th May 2023, About 11 months ago

It's is another nail in the coffin of buy to let.
Allowing pets, I do not, the damage they will do? Then trying to recover the cost, extra work returning the property to order. Time to get out and reduce the number of rented properties on the market. With the tax burden and not being allowed easily to repossess the house if the Tennant is unreasonable. I have done this three times in 35 years.
I am OUT of this now.

Hayley Burgess

17:46 PM, 18th May 2023, About 11 months ago

With 5 rental properties in the Midlands as a plan for my retirement and 4 good long term tenants with nowhere to go should I decide to sell up....
But I am seriously considering making 5 families homeless, the government have put good landlords in an awful position. It is difficult enough to remove bad tenants without the removal of section 21. Any decent landlord wants long term tenants but many know when you have a bad one like my last causing over 10k damage and taking several months to get possession with the damage they caused not to mention several months unpaid rent. Yes I got a court judgement but i will never get owed money back from tenants. And the councils policy is to tell them stay where you are when served notice, even after court judgement, they advise tenants to let landlord now apply for baliffs knowing its a further delay as council don't want or can not house them. Now government want to tell landlords, tenants have more rights to the property than the person who paid for it, with mortgage interest rates and planned EPC criteria changes which is completely unrealistic for some homes. I.e 16 -20k for external insulation with no guarantee this won't cause mould and damp issues as some have reported in old solid brick homes. I have been considering selling for the past 12 months but this really is making the an uncomfortable decision for me. The Government knows they have a housing crisis but haven’t built more homes, now wait until landlords leave the market and let them house all the people who can not afford to buy... I'm sure if my tenants could afford to buy they would not be renting so this is really sad. Its the tenants that will ultimately suffer through the governments incompetency and failure to recognise this policy will result in good landlords leaving the sector because they are not willing to be punished any further by government jobs worth who create policies of attacking all landlords rather than addressing the shortage situation, or target bad landlords they don't take responsibility for any of it.

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