Council tax exemption

Council tax exemption

21:10 PM, 29th July 2013, About 9 years ago 25

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I purchased a property about 18 months ago in the Falkirk District.

It needed some refurbishment so was empty for a few months and I applied for and received a council tax exemption.

Falkirk Council allow a 6 month tax exemption if property is unoccupied and unfurnished.

However, I recently received a letter informing me that as the previous occupant had now claimed tax exemption prior to me purchasing the property, my exemption was backdated and I now owed the council some tax.

Has this ever happened to anyone else and can the council do this?

Thanks for your help

RichardCouncil tax exemption


andrew townshend

19:47 PM, 11th August 2013, About 9 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Paul Barrett" at "11/08/2013 - 19:02":

sadly paul above is right, you will win court action, but as for getting any money, doubtful. when i first started in business 35 yrs ago i toke non payers to court with many good results, not just the money but principle as well, until i toke a woman to court , won, but no money, you cannot get blood out of a stone. best just to move on.

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

21:40 PM, 11th August 2013, About 9 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "andrew townshend" at "11/08/2013 - 19:47":

Hi Paul and Andrew

When I am faced with injustice, I do not ever want to roll over, I want to fight it.

I have only ever had to take someone to court once before, for a similar financial claim, and I won it and recovered all my money, plus I added interest and they had to pay three sets of court costs too, as well as being slapped with a ccj too.

On that occasion, I had to travel three times to a court in London from my base in Colchester, as well as much time spent in preparation .... All for a debt owed to me of approx £1,000.

Gents, I appreciate that some people get away with it, but it is the principle - how very dare they!!!! That case cost me more financially than what I recovered, but (call me vindictive) I will not let people of that ilk think they can smugly walk away.

I will hunt her down, I will instigate legal proceedings and I will create merry hell (legally, of course) to show that I am in business and that such debtors do not simply treat me like a mug, and they will 'pay' one way or another.

That previous debtor now has a ccj, a much reduced ability to get a mortgage, and the humiliation of being known as someone who doesn't step up to the honest, moral and ethical plate.

This one will be in the same situation if she doesn't pay me too. Her credit record will show a ccj for any future rent reference or mortgage AIP.

It is not always about the money.

I have also been in business a while too. I have been self employed for 28 years, owning and running my financial services Firm for the past 20. I am not green, and not a mug either. Tenants who try to do this to us honest and hard working landlords should know that we are business people who seek to recover debts.

andrew townshend

22:26 PM, 11th August 2013, About 9 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Howard Reuben" at "11/08/2013 - 21:40":

Howard, you are not wrong, it is principle, and thats how i use to think , however these low lives do not care about a ccj it seems to make no difference to them . just seems to me to be a lot of time and effort for no real result.

22:32 PM, 11th August 2013, About 9 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Howard Reuben" at "11/08/2013 - 21:40":

I don't think there is one LL out there that would disagree with your contentions.
I've tried the full route and still a fraudster tenant who is at it again and the police won't prosecute for fraud!!!
I'm afraid I end up believing that I was the cause of my downfall NOT my wrongun tenant!!
It was me who chose the tenant.
I now only take on tenants who pass RGI checks and whom I then obtain a RGI policy on.
I appreciate and agree with all your sentiments; they are those of every LL in the UK!!!
The system as you and I are only too aware conspires against us!
Providing we can can cover the cashflow we offset the losses against tax.
This costs the govt fortunes in lost LL tax; about 440 million pounds for all LL losses last year!!
LL never really lose the monies as they may offset ALL those losses against tax.
It hits small LL in the short term cashflow which many struggle with.
To the bigger LL it is just an irritant for which they know they will NOT lose out on!

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

22:59 PM, 11th August 2013, About 9 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Paul Barrett" at "11/08/2013 - 22:32":

Paul and Andrew - thanks guys, appreciate your comments. And a big thanks to Property118 for this forum that allows such debate and advice. to be shared.

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