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Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

17:26 PM, 16th August 2019
About 4 days ago

Landlords - what would YOU like to see in a training course?

Property owners being informed about the appropriate mortgage products for the type of tenancies they operate.

Renting a property out whilst having a resi mortgage in situ (without consent to let) is a breach of the terms
Standard BTL for AirBnB is a breach
Multi letting a property when the BTL mortgage only allows a single AST tenancy is a breach
Expired consent to let (they only usually last for 12 months) is a breach
.... And so many more.
Training a landlord to adhere to laws and rules should at least touch upon these subjects, but they are rarely included.
Happy to offer my 26+ years of experience as a Broker (not to mention my circa 20 years as a landlord too), Tessa.... Read More

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

14:52 PM, 7th August 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Lifetime fixed buy-to-let mortgages where max LTV increases the older you are

I'm looking at a deal for a Client at the moment - not necessarily using the product above, but of course it would be remiss not to offer as an alternative option for consideration - and he has a £1m property in west London, and needs a £200k mortgage. The (standard) mortgage would be approx £500pm / £6k pa, but this outgoing is of course a reduction in his cashflow and when the tax bill arrives, if he decides that this strategy is right for him, then he will have the £6000 'saved' to use towards the tax. Just one of the many features and benefits of this product. So, not just for the 'miserable peasants' Mick ( 🙂 ) and not just to put towards holidays etc., but also clever financial planning for future cashflow and business strategy arrangements... Read More

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

10:22 AM, 7th August 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Lifetime fixed buy-to-let mortgages where max LTV increases the older you are

This is not new. Canada Life is the new trading name for Retirement Advantage and I / we / Property118 published the launch of that product a couple of years ago >
The concept may now be years old, but the principle is still fantastic for the right borrower.
And available via my specialist / Lifetime Mortgage brokerage, which is authorised to advise in the areas. Contact details via my profile link above.... Read More

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

10:10 AM, 7th August 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Transferring Rosinca mortgages from joint names?

We have helped many MX / Rosinca borrowers in similar situations and with similar concerns as yourself, over many years.

And not one had any issue or problem.

It does help if your account(s) have always been kept in good order and therefore there is no sniff of a breach of their terms.

And of course it helps hugely if you work alongside a professional mortgage brokerage who has been involved in such cases, too.

We'd be very happy to help all MX / Rosinca borrowers with reviewing all options and providing solutions from across the market.... Read More

Howard Reuben CeMap CeRER

9:47 AM, 12th July 2019
About a month ago

What to do now we have moved away?

Hello Emily

Life is complicated enough and I truly admire what you do, and as you say, for no pay. You also don't want to not enjoy your wealth should your own health suffer, and I concur that we should enjoy what we can now, whilst we can. Prudently of course, as we all need money to pay our bills too, but the surplus should be spent and enjoyed.

But then, on top of the 'no pay' scenario, I read that your tenants are leaving, your mortgage is ending, and you're in a conundrum what to do.

BTL still remains an excellent investment, whether for capital growth, rental income, or both, as long as proper advice is taken and lowest cost strategies are employed.

The mortgage ending in December, and the property, does not have to be an issue for you, as you could (as Mark says above) hand it over to a very good value letting agent, eg LettingSupermarket) and also, via my Firm (and we have been working with Mark, Neil and Property118 for very many years now), we could arrange the extended BTL mortgage product for you too. My Team can be contacted via my profile link above.

So, the ongoing ownership of your asset (which if you sold could possibly have estate agent, legal, tax and any other fees and costs deducted from the sale price - as well as loss of ongoing rental income from a new replacement tenant, and also loss of future possible capital growth as well) can help you supplement your income ... and we could also create a much healthier bank balance for you too by releasing property equity which is currently just stuck in bricks and mortar, and you can't spend and enjoy bricks and mortar.

An initial conversation costs nothing and we'll be pleased to help.... Read More