Build to Rent – A good idea or not?

Build to Rent – A good idea or not?

11:38 AM, 6th May 2022, About 2 months ago 4

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I am wondering what subscribers think about the new trend of large build to rent developments. I can see the attraction to young people, with communal hubs, IT suites and on-site coffee shops etc. It means that if their own home is the size of a box they can go and hang out in other parts of the building.

However, these places are more expensive to rent generally than local BTL properties, though they do include many utilities so at least people can plan their budget.

However, I am concerned about the regulations for raising the rents and of course, they are owned by corporations so there is room for corruption and bad management.

It all sounds a bit too controlled and managed for my liking. A bit like a retirement village for youngsters. It also doesn’t address the issue of providing houses for people who can’t afford to rent in these places.

What do you think?



Barbara Gwyer

15:36 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 months ago

There is a big proliferation of such schemes in south London. I fear that we are looking at the future of renting, as far as the Government is concerned. Student market now saturated so big boys muscling into the PRS, simultaneously with private landlords being legislated out.

Lorraine Mansfield

15:36 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 months ago

I'm viewing a development in Manchester next week, it has a pool a gym all top spec but my neice informed me today the pools are empty and one resident doesn't get time to do her 10,000 steps so ordered her own treadmill and put it in her tiny livingroom so she could watch tv even though theirs a lift to the gym. She watches them on Tik tok video's all the time., Crazy really, just throwing money down the drain.

Paul Shears

15:50 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 months ago

It's a complete and utter social disaster and takes the complete inability of the previous generation to raise children to be responsible adults with some basic social skills, down to a whole new level of unemployability.
A woman that I know of recently recruited ten young people to do unskilled work and had to sack seven of them within a month because they lacked the most basic of social skills, or any work ethic.
I note that the parents of the these young "people" who are far more impoverished that just financially, lack both the ability to change a tap washer or to hire someone else to do it for them.
Roll on the rent - a - coffins; it's what the first world wants. The corporate psychopaths will just keep getting an ever increasing percentage of the "wealth" that the inmates generate via form filling, process following and the obstruction of the slightest trace of individual judgement.

Darren Peters

8:16 AM, 7th May 2022, About 2 months ago

Government loves it since it's easier to collect the taxes and backhanders from a few large entities.

Owners love it since you can have a higher rent due to the 'value adds'.

Old establishment money loves it since the cost and legislative barrier to entry puts the small self-made BTL landlords back in their place.

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