BTL passive startup but now seriously commited

by Readers Question

4 years ago

BTL passive startup but now seriously commited

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BTL passive startup but now seriously commited

Firstly, I have to say that I have only been landlord for 3 months but already use this platform every single day to try and figure out my next steps in building my property portfolio and cost savings. BTL passive startup but now seriously commited

I acquired 2 BTL’s, a 2 bed and a 3 bed house in last 3 months with 75 % LTV mortgages in good condition for passive investing and rented them through agents with a long term less work involved plan. Since then my personal circumstances have changed and I now have more time on hands and am willing to commit to this as a active business but struggling to choose the right path.

I have about £100K equity in my main house which I wish to release to invest in 2-3 more properties. The options I have are HMO or similar 2 or 3 bed houses for family renting as my current BTL’s.

Is it worth at this stage to get consultancy for me or am I playing here with too small an investment and options to make it a serious business and should wait until I have more equity.

Thanks in advance.



Mark Alexander

4 years ago

It is better to get advice before you think you need it than it is to seek advice when you know you have a problem. Please see >>>

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