Boiler fault – can tenant charge Hotel bills?

Boiler fault – can tenant charge Hotel bills?

10:56 AM, 13th June 2015, About 7 years ago 14

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I have a tenant of 9 years (3 years in the current property). The property is up for sale via auction as a tenanted property (which probably doesn’t help the situation). Boiler fault - can tenant charge Hotel bills

Anyway, 5 days prior to the auction the boiler had an ignition fault. I received a text at 07:30 from my tenant saying no hot water.

I went around 08:30 to check, couldn’t resolve so called out heating engineer who visited the same day. He advised me that the boiler is knackered and my options are:-

1) new boiler

2) he could try to replace the parts to get it working but he advises bills could build up

3) go to the manufacturer who have an all inclusive fix it rate of £275 (incl labour, parts, 30 day warranty).

I have gone for option 3 and booked then in for Monday 15th June.

So here is the advise question.

The friendly loyal tenant has suddenly turned and shown her true colours not saying she cannot be lawfully expected to stay in a house without hot water and I should pay for her to stay in a hotel. Furthermore I should provide a brand new boiler as the engineer said the current one is broken.

I have advised her that I have acted swiftly and the heating engineer on Monday is from the manufacturer and have asked her to be reasonable.

She has spurted out she is not happy, a friend of hers who is a plumber says the boiler needs replacing, she is disabled so I cannot leave her without hot water, its unlawful and unfair and she’ll book a hotel and send me the bill.

From my knowledge law states reasonable efforts to repair by the landlord?

My current view is that I have acted promptly and will look to fix the boiler on Monday and before sale.

If the auction sale on 17th June is not successful then the following day I will serve notice after seeing her suddenly change in co-operation after 9 years. I went down the auction route to try an honour her as a good tenant. Now I feel I should have just evicted and got more for my sale.

Thoughts please




by Michael Barnes

8:44 AM, 19th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "AA Properties Wales " at "15/06/2015 - 15:18":

It is not revenge eviction if property is to be sold, so S21 is OK.

by Winsome P

20:30 PM, 21st June 2015, About 7 years ago

I wonder if it is unusual to have a boyfriend as a plumber.
They know all the bits to push and adapt.
Perhaps being a little cynical but does this incident become mentioned in the auction prospectus, or at the auction as that could cheapen the price perhaps. No tenant/ sitting tenant.
I discovered to my cost that most gas engineers really dislike doing a proper service of the Baxi boiler and plates because they have to remove the carbonised plates, scrape of, clean off and it takes time about 40mins and is messy. This the compact baxi boilers that were placed in the old chimney and fireplace. The ceramic heating plates are not to be broken and tricky to remove and difficult to replace.
My first gas engineer just brushed the cobwebs and dust away and I was charged for a service on top of the gas cert!
Maybe makesure you set your reserve so that last minute gimmicks don't cost you more than the boiler replacement. Bung me a hundred if that saves you!

by Mandy Thomson

11:16 AM, 24th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Hi Wayne

If your tenant has a branch of The Gym near her, they do 24 hour membership for under £5.00; you can purchase as many 24 hour passes as you like:

They also have full disabled access, though she will need to let the manager know before she visits as the normal entrances are unsuitable for people with wheel chairs, sight problems or some walking aids:

For the record, I have NO connections with this company other than being a gym member. I found it came in very handy while we were having new bathroom installed!

by Joy Wat

20:41 PM, 22nd December 2015, About 6 years ago

What a sticky situation you're in. I always get Baxi boiler repairs in East London by qualified gas safe registred engineers, but you mentioned this is under warranty and that Baxi had already come out to fix it. Maybe they can talk to this tenant and help resolve the issue?

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