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9:29 AM, 13th November 2018
About 6 days ago

Restraining Order put on Mortgage Customer?

Who would of thought that RBS Natwest under Goodwin and after Railtrack would exploit the loophole The Labour zealots created to rip off the nations small, medium and large businesses, then sell off Natwest's valuable assets dirt cheap to overseas buyers, blackmail the Government and probably their own board of Directors. All in my opinion however there are about 15,000 business owners/ex owners who would say that their bank betrayed 250years of built up trust just to satisfy the ego, power complex of "corporate psychopaths" in the top 300 positions of power in the bank and award themselves bonuses for psychologically destroying and attacking trusting brits. But it has happened, is happening and given the current inept UKGI, HM Treasury officials these evil IMO practices are continuing and spreading. However its all in my opinion and if there is one department that has cost the country most it is HM Treasury's officials. Selling off to the three headed dog solid value of buy to lets countrywide given that they are such 'bad actors' to use an American term shows ineptness or collusion. God save us from the Americans... Read More

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10:33 AM, 31st August 2018
About 3 months ago

Respond now or get 3 year tenancies!

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 18/08/2018 - 09:09
ie pushing Landlords to change mortgage re American Cer berus that bought mortgage express and ulster bank loans that are trackers currently. Undermines stability, the country, society in favour of American super rich psychopaths without regard for suicides, society and humanity. Tory party are duped and sold another red herring... Read More

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13:18 PM, 5th June 2018
About 6 months ago

Mortgage Express transfer to Rosinca Mortgages - anyone else?

From what I have learnt recently about legal charges and changes there has to be one year before enforcement actions can be taken.
So I guess we need to do something if we disagree with that change and a change in terms.
I also hate that notice in the small print that something like if you breach they can ask for full repayment within 7 days. That is a carte Blanche to kill off and steal prepack administeration of a property held by them.
Neither can I find the causes of that clause although I expect it is beyond keeping up payments.... Read More

Winsome P

15:57 PM, 24th April 2018
About 7 months ago

Give our Buy to Let away?

Would an exchange of contracts upon delayed completion assist? Inflation and prices tend to rise. If she became a shareholder of a company that owned the company and gradually bought off you some minority shares of the limited company that might help too. She could claim some expenses. Settle both at the same time as its 7 years until the gift is exempt of IHT although it tapers after 3?... Read More

Winsome P

9:14 AM, 20th March 2018
About 8 months ago

Space efficient plumbing strategy for 5 showers?

Remember also the speed of water supply through a pipe. Makesure that you fit a large bore mains water supply pipe for as far as you can as otherwise the tank will empty and suck air into the pump stalling the whole thing and making a noisy whine... Read More