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Liverpool Landlord Licensing Farce Continues

Joint action, sue the council. They act with impunity, take the initiative guys!!... Read More

When is an HMO not an HMO or vice versa?

How many council tax bills go there? If it's one then it's got to be classed as a HMO, but different councils do different things.... Read More

Bargain properties high yield but do I take plunge in sub-prime area?

If you once had a life, don't buy in bad areas with Lha low quality tenants, I don't mean Lha (local housing allowance) nice families that you can trust that must be backed up by a guarantor. At the lower end of the market it is much more work, more paperwork by the bucketloads from the councils that pay the rent, more problems if the tenant claims to be vulnerable. My suggestion is to do it safe, do it all legally with your tax and enjoy having professionals in that have gone thru a credit check, with guarantor.... Read More

Wireless smoke detectors

Problem is that each council have their own "guidelines", and if they send you a notice to hard wire smoke alarms with back up battery rather than only battery, then if you refuse then they could issue you with a formal enforcement notice, thus stopping you from issuing section 21 notice due to retaliatory eviction.

Wireless smoke detectors

Hi guys. I had an enforcement officer comenius yesterday which I was glad he did.
1. Wired up from fusebox grey 1mm or 1.5 cable is ok to first smoke alarm in hallway, then we wired up (not wireless, that was our Choice). Kitchen had heat detectors. THEN HE WANTED a separate not linked system smoke alarms in each hallway of each flat, can come off lighting circuit.... Read More