Biased AIIC inventory clerks?

Biased AIIC inventory clerks?

10:04 AM, 22nd January 2020, About 3 years ago 6

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So much for being impartial, unbiased and acting as a third party. The AIIC clerk who did the check out report with the tenant present noted as he carried out the inspection that items from the original inventory were missing (eg washer/dryer and bedroom furniture). There was a large bulky item (a huge workbench) left on its side on the parking space.

Lots of cleaning missed escaped the clerk’s reporting and there was obvious damage to the property caused by tenant neglect.

The tenant signed the report and handed over the keys. In my 30 years + experience, that represents the point of no return……


The AIIC invited the tenants to have a 7 further days to agree the report. They starting asking for their deposit back after 2 days. then on the 7th day following their exit, they added comments to the report e.g. that they were returning to fetch the bulky item, the landlord had gifted them the white goods and furniture.

Now it seems they don’t want to pay for the bulky waste collection, because in their 7 day response they said they’d be collecting it.

The flat is in an area where parking on street is like gold dust. I needed the use of the parking space for my tradesmen and their wagons.

How can the AIIC claim to be impartial and unbiased? Once the exit evidence has been collected and reported on, their job is done! Their beak not required!

It is between myself and the tenants to agree how we go our separate ways – with the deposit scheme called in if required.

I spoke to the AIIC this morning. The response was this: ‘Some tenants take things by mistake….. and we like to give them time to remember what’s theirs’.


Lord of the Manor


Jan Martin

15:11 PM, 22nd January 2020, About 3 years ago

My inventory clerk will meet tenant at the property and collect keys but does not discuss anything with the tenant . He carries out a leaving inventory which we both have a copy off . The tenant and I do the talking .

Rob Crawford

8:29 AM, 23rd January 2020, About 3 years ago

It does seem that your inventory clerk is operating above his station. I suggest you use a different one based on recommendation next time.


10:34 AM, 23rd January 2020, About 3 years ago

I have had experience with many inventory clerks over the years and it is always the same. At the check out report, they seem to take the side of the tenant by either neglecting to mention missing/damaged items, or inadequate cleaning etc. At the check in however, they make a note even of the slightest mark on the wall...The last clerk saw the rug supposedly professionally cleaned and rolled up in the bedroom wardrobe and did not even bother to check. The result? A stain so bad, that I had to throw away a brand new designer rug, because by the time I noticed, the deposit had already been returned. I didn't feel up to arguing with either of them and just replaced the expensive rug with an IKEA one. Lesson learnt: It is best to attend the check out in person and never trust even the best of tenants ,clerks or agents.


16:02 PM, 23rd January 2020, About 3 years ago

Which clerk is this? all parties have at least 7 days to check a report which is standard in the industry

Jireh Homes

10:27 AM, 24th January 2020, About 3 years ago

Suggest written compliant to inventory company and then use this as evidence to support claim on deposit. Your deposit scheme should have rules on timelines for submission of claims and response steps.


8:38 AM, 25th January 2020, About 3 years ago

I am an inventory clerk and a member of AIIC
I share your annoyance that yet another service provider is acting above their station and providing a sub-standard service.
For everyone's benefit, including your own I strongly recommend you put your complaint in writing. Making sure you cover point by point their failings (from your point of view), importantly include evidence that supports your point of view (Photos, emails, the inventory screen shots from the inventory report and most importantly, clearly state the compensation you are demanding to settle the complaint.
Send the complaint to the clerk, your letting agent if they were involved with referring/ instructing the clerk, the AIIC and most importantly the insurer of the clerk. (All AIIC members have PI/ PL insurance. If the clerk has made any error that has cost you money, and refuses to settle your compaint direct with you, you have every right to pursue your claim for compensation with their insurer).

Why, for everyone's sake? - writing about your annoyance will not encourage a positive change anyone. Suffering a financial loss, plus the burden of finding time to respond to your email plus the same from their insurer, is very likely to have the desired of affect of reminding them that the job of an inventory clerk is walking the narrow path between two parties, who might start a war at any moment. The smart clerk, does not invite the people with guns to fire on them...

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