12 Bed property needs housing association

by Readers Question

6 months ago

12 Bed property needs housing association

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12 Bed property needs housing association

I would be grateful for assistance with my 12 bed property.

It is a in Birmingham and really in need of a Housing Association to come on board with me and help utilise as housing.

I have no idea where to start and wondered if anyone had any experience of working with Housing Associations on housing projects and can help me with their experiences and guidance on how to progress.

Especially the advantages, pitfalls and what they will require from me.

Thank you very much



Gurdeep Singh

6 months ago

Hi Pete,

I am in Birmingham, you can ring Rodor Housing and Support my friend there Marven and tell him I gave you (George from JSC) the intro as he require HMO size properties for his housing group, he has a property of ours already much smaller but pays very good rent.

Peter Stinton

6 months ago

thank you george
i will try and speak to marvin today.


6 months ago

Try Sue at Genie Property. She deals a lot with housing associations n charities.
I cud b interested depending on where the property is. Can u contact me (not sure how) or let me know how I can get hold of u ?

Peter Stinton

6 months ago

Hi Sam
Thank you for the referral
The property is based in Stechford
You can contact me through pstint@sky.com I will forward my mobile no on receipt or leave me yours to contact you

We have organisation that deals with homeless adults and vulnerable adults as x offenders can that work for you on long term contract only 3 years 5 years

they deal with full maintenance and repairs , guaranteed rental
call me on 07947508194 on monday or Saturday to discuss

Peter Stinton

6 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Leonardo prince kaka at 09/02/2018 - 19:30
Evening leonardo
i will call you on monday to discuss further
thank you


6 months ago

I'm unclear why you need to work with a housing association in particular; are you wanting to run a social enterprise with this 12-bed property, or just looking to maximise income and capital gains for yourself?

Have you thought of going into business with a private landlord or small renovator/developer who has experience of creating and running houseshares/HMOs?

I'm a private landlord and small developer based in Oxfordshire, and I've renovated quite a few houses to make them useable as shared housing. There must be similar landlords in Birmingham, though whether they would want o buy the property from you, rather than ran it with you as a business partner (largely silent, given your confessed lack of experience?) is a different question.

Noted , many thanks ,we will look into that

Peter Stinton

6 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Tony Atkins at 13/02/2018 - 15:45
Afternoon tiny

I have run the property as a hostel for homeless and disadvantaged adults since 1998 with a housing association based in Bham. We cut ties recently and not knowing the ropes of how to get excempt status I'm looking for knowledgable landlords or hosing associations to help me keep it running as a going concern. I'm receiving LHA at the moment and it doesn't cover the costs of keeping the property up to the standard required for a hostel.

please send me your number to contact and see what we can do for you

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