BLOG QUESTION OF THE WEEK – Why are YOU a property investor?

BLOG QUESTION OF THE WEEK – Why are YOU a property investor?

11:02 AM, 13th December 2010, About 13 years ago 2

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After becoming an accidental landlord in the late 80’s I later realised this was the business I wanted to be in.  For me it started with a desire to invest into something that I could touch, feel, engage with and affect returns.  It was an opportunity to speculate to accumulate and to take control of my own destiny.  It was an opportunity for me to learn from other peoples experiences and copy what made them successful.

What I didn’t realise was how addictive it would be, how much fun I would have, how it would enhance my life experiences, how much I would learn about so many related subjects and how many new friends I would make.

I’m a big fan of the saying, start with the destination in mind.

For me, the reason I got into property was to create wealth for now, wealth for later and to leave a legacy.  My strategy continually evolves the more I learn.  My personal mantra is ‘every day in every way I get better and better’.  I enjoy all the challenges of property investment as every one is a new learning opportunity.  I look for the opportunity in every difficulty as opposed to what most people do – look for the difficulty in every opportunity.

I’ve learned to deal with the material wealth that comes from 21 years of successful property investing and other people’s attitudes towards it.  I prefer to reflect on how I make a positive contribution to other people lives, whether it’s putting a roof over their head or sharing my experiences in the hope that I can help them to achieve their goals.

So back to my question; WHY ARE YOU A PROPERTY INVESTOR?

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Joe Armstrong

16:48 PM, 31st December 2010, About 13 years ago

You sound like the kind of bloke who would have made a success out of whatever business you 'accidentally' found yourself in. Perhaps it really is a lot to do with your attitude towards life.

16:53 PM, 31st December 2010, About 13 years ago

Hi Steven

Thanks for the compliment.

I beleive that success is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude. The wonderful thing is that both are skill sets that can developed, we are both with neither. I beleive that at birth we are like a computer with no software. Our chilhood is a massive part of our programming but we always have a choice to re-program and update software. The more good stuff we load into our memories the more we attract and recognise opportunities.



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