Whirlpool told to recall 500,000 dangerous dryers

Whirlpool told to recall 500,000 dangerous dryers

14:00 PM, 13th June 2019, About 4 years ago 3

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The government is to request Whirlpool recall up to 500,000 tumble dryers which pose a fire safety risk containing a fault that is blamed for blamed for over 750 fires over the last 11 years.

Whirlpool have said safety is their “number one priority” and if any landlords think their properties may contain faulty appliances from the Hotpoint, Creda Swan, Proline and Indesit dryer ranges they are urged to contact whirlpool immediately on 0800 151 0905.

Whirlpool hasn’t yet published a full list of affected models, but you can Click Here to see if your model is among the affected. Unaffected tumble dryers have a green sticker attached to the inside of the door or on the rear of the machine.

Kelly Tolhurst, Business Minister announced the plans to recall unmodified machines, and said: “Consumer safety was a government priority”.

A spokesperson for Whirlpool said: “In the meantime, anyone with an affected dryer that has not been modified should unplug it and not use it until the modification has been completed.”

“We remain committed to resolving any affected tumble dryers that have not yet been modified. To this end, we are in ongoing discussions with the Office for Product Safety and Standards to agree additional measures we have proposed to reach consumers who have not yet engaged with this safety programme.

“We have co-operated with OPSS throughout its recent review of the programme and welcome its findings that consumers whose tumble dryers have been modified can continue to use them safely.”

Which? head of campaigns, David Chaplin, said: “People’s lives have been put at risk for far too long so it’s a hugely significant step that these machines are set to be recalled, but there will be serious questions if this recall only addresses the 500,000 unmodified machines that Whirlpool has already struggled to locate.

“The Government must urgently explain what it is going to do about the millions of modified machines still in people’s homes, following serious concerns that have been raised by people who have experienced fires, smoke and burning despite the so-called fix.”


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Denise G

12:25 PM, 14th June 2019, About 4 years ago

EXCEPT that this recall doesn’t apply to anyone like us who complied with the original instruction issued and had the bloody thing modified!
My drier is one of those affected and SHOULD BE RECALLED along with the unmodified ones.
In fact it was only after the 'modification' was completed that mine (along with many, many others) caused issues, at which point it started to overheat and burn clothes. It was OK before the modification.
Hotpoint did reluctantly did agree to pay compensation for the cost of some of our ruined items a few years back – but now they don’t even bother to reply when I contact them and tbh I have lost the will to fight with them anymore. I had given up, believing WHICH had our backs.
With reference to the ‘modification’: those of us who had complied were then advised only to use our driers 'under supervision … and never at night'!!! Since that was when my drier started to act up and having read of the homes burned out and even people killed by these faulty deathtraps we have always adhered to that advice as you can imagine!
I have personally had THREE of their ‘engineers’ come to modify and check out my drier – which still overheats and still gathers up fluff in its efficient front trap which is next to impossible to remove (and God alone knows what’s occurring at the back and on and around its motor). All Hotpoint have ever come up with is offering another engineer’s visit. No Hotpoint ‘engineer’ will ever pass through our door again
How can a drier which still poses a significant risk of bursting into flames ever be described as an item fit for purpose and yet Hotpoint have consistently refused to discuss refunding us. At one point they offered me a replacement drier - for £90.00. Why would we PAY for a replacement machine. And of course what they are failing totally to grasp is that we will never have another Hotpoint device in our home … or in any of our BTLs – ever!
I believe WHICH are still campaigning for the machines of those like me who had their machines modified to be included in the recall - we will wait on with bated breath (probably for another 3-4 years)!

Rob Crawford

23:25 PM, 14th June 2019, About 4 years ago

I have two, both modified and no reported problems. My only concern was that I did not receive any paperwork certifying the modification work! Denise mentions a green sticker, will this have been stuck on the back after the mod? Will have to check.

Denise G

19:15 PM, 16th June 2019, About 4 years ago

I belong to several social media groups and, as a matter of interest, Whirlpool are, as of today (June 16th) STILL refusing to refund or recall the affected machines and are insisting that all they will offer is the modification

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