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Denise G

9:50 AM, 22nd September 2021, About 3 days ago

Treat us fairly

Having watched a programme last week that shone a light on the absolutely dire condition of many Local Authority and Housing Association properties he could do worse than focus on sorting that out - instead of continuing the usual trend of victimising the easy target that is the PRS... Read More

Denise G

11:05 AM, 9th July 2021, About 3 months ago

83% of PRS tenants are happy with their homes

shared to Facebook - but Twitter sharing link won't work for me?... Read More

Denise G

14:22 PM, 28th April 2021, About 5 months ago

What does 118 mean?

It was 5 years ago today (28th April) that we were at the Royal Courts of Justice with Mark!... Read More

Denise G

10:19 AM, 28th April 2021, About 5 months ago

Denise G

9:19 AM, 18th March 2021, About 6 months ago