What Section 8 Notice improvements are soon to be required?

What Section 8 Notice improvements are soon to be required?

14:45 PM, 28th April 2022, About 2 years ago 11

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Section 8 Notices seem to lack substance currently, with mandatory and discretionary grounds for possession.

With the likelihood of Section 21 Notices becoming a thing of the past, what measures would you put in place to make Section 8 Notices more robust?

This is extremely important given that this could potentially provide one of very few means for landlords to gain possession of their properties should the “No-fault notice” be banned.

Most landlords and agents know that good tenants are not given notice without very good cause or out of necessity. Unfortunately, that line is not a vote winner and not what the media wants to report.

If we accept the proposed changes we need assurances that the alternative is fit for purpose.


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Reluctant Landlord

12:06 PM, 9th May 2022, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by JB at 09/05/2022 - 09:03
Will it take pressure of council to provide accommodation?
At the end of the day however a dire tenant is evicted the result is the same for them. If they are deemed 'voluntarily homeless' the council will only have to provide emergency accommodation if they tick the box and are eligible. If not then they will be given 'support' (take that as no actual help) by the council to get themselves sorted out. Essentially they are on their own.

If they come direct to you from the Council then you do due dilligence and say no if need be. In areas of SL the LL has to 'demand' references. In this example the LL would then ask the Council for a reference. All you have to do is ask if they have been evicted previously. You get your answer - then say no.

If the Council refuse to give you a reference, then the tenant has to give you details of the previous LL. If they have been evicted its highly unlikely that that LL is going to say they are the perfect tenant. Its not like they are going to give a glowing reference as they have already evicted them so its not like they are desperate to get them out of their own property by trapping another LL into taking on a liability. Again you then say no.

Each time you have the legitimate reason that their references didn't check out as as they have no guarantor (I have never had a tenant offer up a home owning guarantor!) the risk is too high.

The homeless numbers are going to increase and there will be more visibility on the streets - its as simple as that.

With no S21 LL are going to be as picky as hell knowing that you will have to go through a court process every time to evict a bad tenant.

I've become more picky each time a tenant leaves and happy to explain to the Council when they come to me with 'offers' of tenants, if they haven't deemed them suitable to house and are not obligated to do so, then neither do I!

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