What is “The GOOD Landlords Campaign”?

What is “The GOOD Landlords Campaign”?

9:45 AM, 3rd October 2012, About 12 years ago

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The GOOD Landlords Campaign

The GOOD Landlords Campaign is a concept born as a result of a community of like minded professional landlords sharing best practice on the Property118 internet forum.

These professional landlords wanted to differentiate themselves from inspired amateurs who rent out their properties with no real long term strategy or regard for their tenants desires to put down roots.

Some members of the community own very large property portfolios whereas some only own one property. However, one common factor sets them apart from other landlords – it is their mindset towards their business and duties as a landlord.

Members of The GOOD Landlords Campaign have no intention of selling their property portfolios for several years, often decades. They are looking for long term tenants who want to rent a safe property from a landlord who will allow them to enjoy the peace associated with living in a property they can truly think of as their home as well as having a long term professional relationship with their landlord or their property manager.

To join The GOOD Landlords Campaign please CLICK HERE

Click Here to join The GOOD Landlords Campaign

When you become a Member of The GOOD Landlords Campaign you will receive the following:-

The GOOD Landlords Campaign badge (shown above) for use on your stationery

Code for The GOOD Landlords Campaign badge so that you can use it on your website

The “deed of assurance” template.

We will also create a member profile for you so that people can see that you are a member and find out more about you. Your profile page will be search engine optimised so that it can be found in Google searches for your name and your town. Please allow up to 14 days for us to create your web-page profile.

Minimum donation to become a member is currently £50. There are no ongoing membership fees.

What is a “Deed of Assurance”?  CLICK HERE to find out

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