Universal Credit Refusing Direct Payments?

Universal Credit Refusing Direct Payments?

10:17 AM, 22nd January 2021, About 11 months ago 24

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Hi, I have been having difficulties with one of my tenants who are in receipt of UC. All rental payments have stopped, and they are not accepting my phone calls. The rent account now shows arrears in excess of 2 months.

Earlier in the week, I applied UC under the online application to have the rent directed to myself and the arrears to be chipped away at until the rent account is clear to which I received the reply below this morning. Being a member of the NRLA, I reached out to them, but they were of no real help. Has anyone had this reply before or know of any advice on how to get direct payments. After all, my understanding is that it is mandatory to make payments to the landlord once the arrears are in excess of 2 months?

Thanks in advance.

Trapped Landlord

We are unable to set up direct rent payments to you.

Direct rent payments could not be set up for one or more of the following reasons:
• your tenants do not get Universal Credit
• your tenants do not claim housing support for the address you supplied
• your tenants must be in at least one month’s worth of arrears, accrued over two or more months
• One of the tier 1 or 2 conditions haven’t been met

We cannot give you specific details because of data-sharing regulations.

You should speak to your tenants to make sure the correct information has been supplied to Universal Credit.

If you think you gave us the wrong information, such as the wrong house number you can request direct rent payments again with the correct information.

Your tenants need to pay their rent, and any rent they owe, directly to you.

You can make another request for direct rent payments if your tenants’ circumstances change.

For more information, search for “universal credit and landlords” on GOV.UK

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by Trapped Landlord

14:17 PM, 29th January 2021, About 10 months ago

Just spoke with UC advice who advised me I have been given incorrect information. A stage 1 complaint has been lodged and if no reply is sent or an unsatisfactory reply is sent by 15/2/21 , I will be lodging a stage 2 complaint with the Director General. Apparently , once a level 1 criteria is met, 2 months rent arrears being one of them, direct payments are mandatory.

by Mick Roberts

14:25 PM, 29th January 2021, About 10 months ago

Complaints process takes 2 years unfortunately.



So another angle we should all be doing, go to her his job centre & take Possession notice in if u can & ask nicely for the best manager in the world, can she or he do something as u will be evicting for this. Leave the notice with them (They don't like the extra paperwork as they have to act), leave all your phone numbers & emails & who knows.
We got to try everything until UC DWP Govt sees sense.

by Trapped Landlord

20:27 PM, 29th January 2021, About 10 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 29/01/2021 - 14:25I don't think I have the energy to carry on with this merry go round for 2 years in the hope that eventually the powers that be might see things clearer. To be honest, I've already wrote the rent off thats owed and prepared to sit it out with no rent coming in until such time the tenants have either done a bunk or the bailiffs are escorting them out. In the grand scheme of things I am very happy with how the majority of my tenants have gotten through the pandemic so far and my arrears have never been so low as they are. I can only put this down to a strong demand for rental property which gives me a very good choice in who gets a tenancy . I noticed from you profile page Mick that you are based in the same county as myself so I expect the demand in Nottingham is similar to NG18, if you don't mind me asking, given that the demand is so strong and working tenants are practically banging the door down for tenancies, is there any particular reason that you are sticking with the Universal Credit route ?. Im just feeling more and more that this not worth it anymore and has become to much of a ' high risk, low reward ' option for me. Not to mention, when I consider which of my tenants have caused endless other problems for me with disrepair , anti social behaviour and trouble with environmental health. Got to hand it to you though, you do seem a very determined fella !!

by Mick Roberts

8:19 AM, 30th January 2021, About 10 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Trapped Landlord at 29/01/2021 - 20:27Ha ha yes DWP are beating us all down with their stupidity.
BUT if u start now, at least the clock is ticking down cause u could still have this problem in 2 years.
And Pre-Covid, maybe 1 out of 3 when got to first complaint stage, u may get sensible woman who may ring u & solve if simple.
Yes, Most of mine are NG6, NG5, have 4 in NG15 & then NG16. Massive demand here. So much so, mine can't move any more, so I'm a bit in sxxt street with wanting to sell off eventually, as am not just selling willy nilly on good tenants & 95% of mine are good. 60% not great with money & rent, but they admit that.
Ha ha I'm not sticking with UC route, got no choice for reason above. I think I've got about 33 switched onto it so far. Another 4 years to go of switching. We got to keep shouting too, to Shelter etc., it ain;t the people we ain't taking, it's the UC system.
The lack of being able to talk to someone in UC when a problem is costing this Govt & Councils millions in homeless, but there again is Govt not bothered as Councils pay the cost who knows.....
I'm not ruddy determined any more. I think if I was allowed to sell the whole lot tomorrow, I'd be twice better off financially & have 70 hours a week spare. I REALLY did not want to learn UC having learn't HB for 23 years, but had no choice.
Only yesterday Job Centre Manager rang me & said Mick, I can't see why she's only put 3 people on the claim (New UC claim for Mum's disabled son joint tenant) & why she's put the rent as that.
I said XXX, U should know this by now & I KEEP SAYING IT, UC MUST ASK the Landlord for proof of rent, he's only one that can tell u.
I knew what she'd done, she'd put 3 down thinking PLUS the others.
And she'd put what she was allowed in UC Housing Element before April 2020. I could see this clear as day.
I reminded manager Remember (& she did) when gal came in 15 months ago & your JC staff said How much rent & gal said £72pm & YOUR JC STAFF wrote down £72pm & din't even ask What u got a house in Bulwell for £72pm? When they all £600+. Unbelievable, that was another battle I had to get that changed. The gal had put down & was just thinking about her top-up. Not her fault. But this is why we should be asking Landlord.
We not allowed to go for mortgage without showing some proof's, yet UC DWP Govt think it's ok to hand out billions without asking for proof of rent.
AAAAHHHHHHhhhhh......... I want to go away without these problems u imbecile DWP people.....

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