Inclusive heating and hot water not working?

Inclusive heating and hot water not working?

9:52 AM, 22nd January 2021, About 3 years ago

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I have a few flats in a building that has a communal heating and hot water system – sadly this doesn’t always work. There are major works being done to the block and this has included re-piping the whole building (disaster) new boilers coming up (should have been done 2 years ago) and now the hot water fails midday and has done since December at least if not before.

There have been countless complaints obviously to the management company and various promises to fix but so far all fruitless. The engineers say that due to more people being at home and it being cold there is more ‘draw’ on the hot water – well, yes, but surely the system should be able to cope? The other excuse is new parts, so I don’t really know what to believe.

My issue, as I don’t live there, is that my ASTs with my tenants offer inclusive heating and hot water – and I’m not supplying this, I’ve been reducing rents, Freeholder has confirmed that there will be no compensation but there is also no end in sight for this – just promises, an expensive ‘fix’ that will be a waste of money when the new boilers are fitted.

We took a case to the FTT a few years ago after the re-plumbing as it didn’t work, the pressure wasn’t sufficient to supply the block, we won our case but also had to pay the Freeholder’s costs – and it was a massive amount of work by working people (then) – the freeholder had 1 barrister and 2 solicitors (feeding him the lines) against our laypeople, so effectively paid for the repairs ourselves, so we wouldn’t willingly tread this path again but feel as though we are beating a brick wall.

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