Tenants Will Skip Rent to Pay for Christmas, says Shelter

Tenants Will Skip Rent to Pay for Christmas, says Shelter

16:34 PM, 12th December 2011, About 11 years ago 17

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Homeless charity Shelter is predicting thousands of tenants will skip their rents to pay for Christmas.

Renters are putting festive presents, food and drink before the costs of housing and risking their homes rather than spending within their means and protecting the roof over their heads.

The charity carried out the survey in Scotland and found one in 12 renters is ready to go into rent arrears over Christmas and the New Year.

Graeme Brown, the director of Shelter Scotland, said: “Too many people are risking their homes by missing or delaying rent and mortgage payments. With Christmas just around the corner, many can feel pressured to spend money they simply don’t have.

“Combined with the existing daily struggle and misery felt by thousands of families, the cost of the festive period could lead some to breaking point.

“The cost of housing is putting increasing pressure on day to day finances and forcing some families to ultimately risk their homes in order to pay for Christmas. As Scotland begins to feel the full impact of savage cuts to jobs and housing benefits, and as more people face even greater debt, the perfect storm is brewing for a rise in homelessness.

“We urge people to think very carefully before delaying rent or mortgage payments. It can seem like a quick fix, but can have long lasting implications.”

Meanwhile, banks and building societies blame Christmas debts on failing to budget and save.

On average, most people save around £423 for Christmas – with 30% putting money aside each month from the New Year.

Saving that amount means putting away £38 a month.

Zack Hocking, of The Co-operative Bank, said: “Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, and we know it can be difficult to get into the habit of putting money aside regularly.”


Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118 View Profile

9:12 AM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

Hi Paul, is this comment related to the the post you left over on Property Tribes perhaps as I don't follow the context of it here? Maybe worth copying and pasting over onto the relevant PT thread?

9:18 AM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

No I was only referring to the article on this site even if there was somthing on PT.
As for copy and paste I remember doing that in kindergarten.
Unforunately my computer abilities are to say the least WEAK.
Therefore I don't know how to do what you suggest, no stop laughing; some of us are computer dummies!!

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118 View Profile

9:24 AM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

Why ever would somebody give me a thumbs down for providing a sincere suggestion? The mind boggles!

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118 View Profile

9:51 AM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

Do what I do Paul, find a teenager or somebody in their 20's to show you how. You really ought to get somebody to show you how to add a picture to your comments now that you are such a prolific poster here. It really is dead easy, even my white haired business partner managed it. Hover over the recents comments tab in our navigation bar and all will become clear.

Mary Latham

18:53 PM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

I am not laughing Paul I learn something new about computers all the time. I would be a silver surfer if i let mother nature have her way and I learn by trying and watching youger people

To copy some wording from one place to another or from a site to a word document

Put your curser at the start of the words that you want to copy . Hold left hand mouse button and move curser down until what you want is highlighted then and release the mouse button. click ctrl & C keys. (cut) Go to the place where you want to copy it to and click ctrl and V keys and the words will be pasted. I am sure that there is an easier way to do it but that works for me and it will for you.

20:26 PM, 16th December 2011, About 11 years ago

Paul is referring to his post here! Up top..

9:03 AM, 20th December 2011, About 11 years ago

On the general topic of missed rent payments.. why is debt never considered stealing..?
If I overdrawn at my bank by that much there are consequences and charges passed to me.. if I am late on council tax payment including what's due in advance they quickly serve a warrant and charge an extra fee for non payment. if I took the money out of someones purse I would be considered a thief. It costs landlords a lot of time, energy and expense to try an recover unpaid rent..and often we just have to lump it as the tenant disappears over the horizon...with out a sign of a guilty conscience or even an apology... leaving the landlord to tidy up their mess and perhaps even go into debt themselves...now that's not a great start to the new year!

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