Tenants on Benefits – The Conservatives are making you homeless!

by Mick Roberts

14:53 PM, 3rd September 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Tenants on Benefits – The Conservatives are making you homeless!

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Tenants on Benefits – The Conservatives are making you homeless!

The biggest Housing Benefits Landlord in Nottingham here. So I know what is happening and I want to take you, but I can’t.

Another reason here why landlords won’t accept you.

The house that you want, the Universal Credit (UC) tenant has just left on the 6th September. UC operates a Benefit assessment period BAP, from one part of the month to the next.

The house that you want, for example, the tenant’s BAP was 17th to 16th and the tenant’s payment date was the 23rd. So the landlord got the rent on the 23rd (for the period 17 July to 16 August).

So you would think in all common sense, UC would pay the old Landlord up the 6th September, the date the tenant left. Oh no, UC and the government don’t have common sense. They stop ALL PAYMENTS to the landlord from the 22nd August. Even though they acknowledge tenant lived there from 23rd to the 6th of next month.

Guess what else, the new landlord gets the rent from the 23rd August onwards. Even IF TENANT WASN’T LIVING AT HIS HOUSE!

Shocking, the new greedy landlord gets taxpayers money for something he hasn’t provided. Meanwhile, the old Landlord is out of pocket, and now he thinks “I ain’t taking any more benefit tenants if this is how the UC Tory system treats me” so you UC tenants lose out.

You may wonder why UC operates in this bizarre way which eventually leads to you being homeless? It’s because their BAP Is nice and automatic, no manual human intervention is needed. The computer can decide who gets paid and who doesn’t and UC’s top man, director Neil Couling can’t see anything wrong with this. UC says it’s up to the old tenant to pay. I say No it’s not when Landlord is already being paid directly, UC is paying me then, not the tenant, stop passing the buck.

So UC tenants, you may wonder why you are really struggling to find accommodation. There you go. Please pass this story to your MP, Councillors, your case manager, work coach etc.

And you landlords please share and forward to people of authority too. Eventually, UC will see common sense, but not before thousands more UC tenants become homeless.

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David Price

14:44 PM, 9th September 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Saeed T at 08/09/2020 - 10:41
But the UC system was not developed on the cheap, it cost a bomb as do all government software projects. That it ended up as a 'cheap and nasty' system is down to poor management.

Jonathan Clarke

15:43 PM, 12th September 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Anne Nixon at 04/09/2020 - 20:49``I felt like someone playing a complicated board game where everyone but me knew the rules and I was playing blind``
Very well put. And yes its just like that. After 20 years housing the homeless the government behind my back puts my LHA tenants onto UC , changes the rules but don`t bother to tell me, let alone consult me. Its rude unfair underhand and contemptuous behaviour. I`ve given good service and housed dozens of homeless over the years. But no longer . When a place comes empty I now take working tenants unless I have a previous track record with the applicants
Any complaints I have made to the local council, the DWP or my MP falls on deaf ears.
The homeless tenants suffer of course and its not their fault. The charities and organisations set up to help them fail in that regard
I wasn`t aware of BAP before I read this . As i read it for the first time I thought what kind of person would even dream up a system like this in the first place. It just reinforced my decision to not house the homeless anymore . As soon as you read its workings you can see within 5 seconds its a terrible unworkable complex and rubbish system . But who I thought would sign off such a weak system and pretend it was the bees knees ,spot on and just the ticket .
But of course I then remembered it was politicians who signed it off and immediately it all began to make sense

Mick Roberts

17:09 PM, 16th September 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Jonathan Clarke at 12/09/2020 - 15:43Excuse me people,
I've been away & behind with me tasks as usual. And my hotmail not receiving emails off 118 for new messages, so if anyone wants me reply, please get hold of me via me number or email if u have it.
Yes JC, u again echo my words.
I think all my evictions have been purely from Govt or Councils changing the rules once tenant has lived there 7+ years. Most typical example being the Benefit Cap. Stopping their rent cause they had kids 5 years ago. Wrong wrong wrong.
U say this which is me too:
When a place comes empty I now take working tenants unless I have a previous track record with the applicants
The biggest loser in the end is indeed the homeless. We will lose out temporarily, but us survivors/tryers find a way. The vulnerable HB tenants won't.
I had another Fraud case 2 days ago, Fraudster set up UC claim in genuine 50+ year old tenants name who lost all her benefits for 3 months. UC told her the Fraudster must ring to sort it out.
U cannot talk to anyone at UC to solve this. And the biggest thing which I am desperate for some Media to pick up one day. Most of this fraud can be stopped from day one if UC just asked the Landlord-As HB have been doing for 23+ years-For proof of rent. As it is Fraudster says I am living there & rent is £800pm, no checks from UC at all, & bingo, UC fraudster gets £1600+ in his or her bank just like that.
Ha ha politicians & it makes sense.

Jonathan Clarke

17:09 PM, 17th September 2020
About A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 16/09/2020 - 17:09Hope you had a good break Mick
Yes they never ask us do they . We are lower than lino in the councils eyes . All the experience and knowledge we have but they just dont want to know
Here is another reason I`m at my wits end with the council
Young working girl prospective tenant . Could afford the rent but needed help with the deposit and rent in advance just to get her started
Council offer that and they did. Great I thought happy days £500 + £500 will help get her started in life
But the money comes through and its only £900 . I ask why . they said they wanted a contribution of £100 from her . No one told me though i said so now she starts a tenancy £100 in arrears because she hasn't got that kind of money til the end of the month when she gets paid . Why didnt someone tell me first because the tenancy is meant to start tomorrow . She will be in arrears from Day 1. But wait thats not the end of it . ......now i hear its not even a gift as its always historically has been . Its a loan . The council is just another Pay day loan company now it seems . Just so they dont have to house the homeless themselves they want to pass all the financial buck to the tenant . So they saddled a young girl with a 900 pound debt from day 1 just to get her off their hands . But dont you think i should of known about that change in policy because if i had i would have had 2nd thoughts about someone starting a tenancy with a 900 debt against her name which i knew nothing about when i did my initial DD. No they said its not our job to tell you about a change in policy we cant possibly do that with the 100`s of LL`s we deal with . I said its called a generic e mail . Its really very easy to inform 100 LL`s at one push of a button . Its called a 3 way transparent relationship between you me and the tenant. Oh no they said ours is an internal process and you are not invited to take part in that . How shortsighted is that . They simply refuse to engage in any meaningful manner. So today i rejected two homeless prospective tenants. The tenants said why . I said because of the Homelessness Prevention Unit at the council . The very people who should be trying to help you are acting against you and me as they are in effect a closed shop who shut me and you out of their decision making processes .
Its a disgrace
And a disturbing endemic culture which is very very shady

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