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Cleaning Tips for Students Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Guest Articles, Guest Columns, HMO's & Student Lets

Tips for keeping the house looking its best

Here are some quick and simple tips to help keep the house and furniture looking its best, follow these to help save money from your damage and cleaning deposit.

It is worth spending a bit now to save a lot later! Continue reading Cleaning Tips for Students

Frivolous it might be but I don’t fall out with my tenants because….. Guest Columns, HMO's & Student Lets, Property Investment Strategies

There have been some really interesting comments on the EU Trying To Kill Buy To Let – sign the petition to STOP it now. blog and it is great to see some new people contributing to this important discussion but I am feeling a bit frivolous at the moment and I thought that I would post on a lighter subject.

According to MyDeposits one of the main reasons that landlords stop money from a tenants deposit is to cover the cost of cleaning. This is interesting because I would have thought that damages might have come above cleaning. Mary Latham Continue reading Frivolous it might be but I don’t fall out with my tenants because…..

London’s calling corporate investors in to buy to let Latest Articles, Property Sales & Sourcing

Tower bridge and City Hall, London

"London could become a property investor battleground"

London buy to let landlords may soon have to fight toe-to-toe with institutional investors for prime residential property.

Soaring rents and a shift from owning a home to renting a home for younger adults is triggering fresh interest in residential investment from pension funds and property companies ready to pour millions into housing in the capital.

A key indicator is a rekindling of interest in letting homes from British Land. The firm stepped out of the residential market in 2006, just before the property bubble burst.

Decreasing investment risk by partnering-in building houses with developers and the government, as well as rising rents, is making many institutions look again at putting money into homes.

The residential investment market has reversed from get-rich-quick aspirations based on soaring house prices to a more long-term view based on stable yields. The strategy is buy to rent, not buy to sell.

The residential property business model outside the UK has always favoured corporate rather than personal investors.

Successive governments have tried to spark institutional investment interest with REIT trusts without much response, but the hope is now that a changing market is making residential property investment more attractive for big funds.

The target is residential property within the M25 – the motorway effectively places a ring of confidence around the capital that is encouraging investors.

House price surveys, rental returns and professional opinion from august bodies like the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors all indicate a widening gulf between the London property market and that of the rest of the UK.

London & Stamford extended the firm’s residential portfolio to around £150 million with the recent acquisition of more than 100 homes in Islington, North London, for £50 million. The deal is reckoned to return a yield of 5.3% climbing to around 10% over three years on a purchase that was 20% below market value.

Chairman Raymond Mould said: “We can see strong rental growth in the Central London residential market not only due to the constrained development of new build but also because first time buyers continue to be kept out of the market by the need for higher mortgage deposits than was historically the case.”

Tenants from Hell (Part 2). Every Landlord’s Nightmare Cautionary Tales, Guest Articles, Latest Articles

Sequel to Frazer Fearnhead’s popular Guest Blog

It’s amazing what you uncover upon conducting a check out inspection. Below are the top 7 nightmare cases inventory agents from The Video Inventory Agency have discovered.

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Does a landlord always have to pay for repairs? Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Tenants pick up the phone and call the landlord or letting agent at the first hint of a problem with the home they are renting – but it’s not always down to the property owner to foot repair bills.

The landlord has an obligation to make sure a rental property is fit for someone to live in – but that does not mean they are responsible for every problem once the tenants has moved in. Continue reading Does a landlord always have to pay for repairs?

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