Sometimes, some things have just got to be said

by Mick Roberts

11:13 AM, 18th March 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Sometimes, some things have just got to be said

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Sometimes, some things have just got to be said

Sometimes, some things have just got to be said, because what tenants think is helping them, is in fact doing the opposite (see screenshot below).

Unbelievable! This Corbyn and Labour anti-landlord people publicising tenants should get a break from paying the rent. All they are doing is making it harder for tenants as more landlords will say I’ve had enough, I’m selling, less houses left for remaining increasing tenants and remaining landlords will be able to pick and choose and charge whatever they like due to supply and demand.

This tenant had already been evicted twice by landlords selling. I REALLY helped him out buying his house so he could stop in it.


Monty Bodkin

22:40 PM, 25th March 2020
About A week ago

Have a look at this, just released;

2 bed rate £470 increase to £550
3 bed rate £539 increase to £625

I'm back in the benefits game.

Mick Roberts

7:22 AM, 26th March 2020
About A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Monty Bodkin at 25/03/2020 - 22:40Thanks Monty, our good colleague Bill Irvine of also sent me last night.
About time the Govt did this, they've been underpaying punishing Landlord & tenant far too long. I've kept mine way too low for years to not hurt the tenant too much, yet Council keep wanting their increased fees.
Govt have done this as we know cause of the Coronavirus, but I reckon they've also thought, we can now keep benefit tenants happy without cheesing off the workers, as they don't like handouts to benefit tenants, but we can blame the Coronavirus. And also that many workers have gone on UC, there would be more uproar once they realised they'd be way short on their rents.

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