Smaller Liverpool Licensing scheme approved for 2022

Smaller Liverpool Licensing scheme approved for 2022

11:52 AM, 6th December 2021, About A year ago 14

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After having the renewal of the city-wide Liverpool selective licensing scheme rejected by the government in 2019, Liverpool council have been successful with a smaller scheme covering 16 wards of the city. Approximately 45,000 of the original 55,000 properties will be covered.

The wards covered include: Central, Riverside, Greenbank, Kensington, Picton, Tuebrook & Stoneycroft, County, Anfield, St Michael’s, Princes Park, Kirkdale, Old Swan, Warbreck, Wavertree, Fazakerley and Everton.

The new five-year compulsory licensing scheme is to commence from April 2022, but there has been no detail yet released on the costs to landlords.

The original scheme renewal was declined due to the gross mismanagement by elected councillors but has since been handed over to commissioners

Sarah Doyle, Liverpool councillor, said: “This is brilliant news for tenants living in poor housing conditions. Too many vulnerable people in our city are in poor housing conditions, paying rent to a landlord who doesn’t carry out essential maintenance to keep them warm and safe.

“The Landlord Licensing scheme will give us regulation of private rented houses, so that we can take action when concerns are raised. There is a raft of evidence which shows that council intervention forced bad landlords into taking action to improve their properties. Poor electrical and fire safety standards, as well as damp and anti-social behaviour, contribute to poor health and mental wellbeing.”

Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Abdul Qadir, said: “Our new scheme will be one of the largest in the country, covering the vast majority of properties under the original programme, ensuring landlords meet their obligations, such as putting in smoke detectors and fire doors as required by law.

“The council will make no profit from the scheme. Every single pound we get from landlords will be ring-fenced, paying for our team to be out on the streets every day inspecting homes, chasing disrepair. We are determined to take the strongest action against those landlords who refuse to manage and keep their properties safe.”

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Mick Roberts

9:38 AM, 11th December 2021, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Jessie Jones at 11/12/2021 - 09:16
Yes good, more we educate the tenants the better.
Most of mine know now why rents are high & why they can't move.

Before they'd say No one will take me Mick. Now I've told they no longer allowed to TELL U it's cause u on Benefits, they just have to waste your time & theirs. They still not taking u, but now u don't know why. My lot are getting with the program.

If this is your first time having to deal with Licensing, you will need more than the License cost.
You'll have tons of time filling forms in, nothing that makes house better.
Conditions that may make u want to cry when you're now responsible for cutting tenants garden.
Accreditation in Nottingham now insisting on solid internal doors on normal residential houses.

Yes, I include some of this when they bring something out:

Not finished this yet, will tidy up when due.

Some of u are are paying considerably less than market rent-Some know it, some don't. If the below gets renewed, your lower rent doesn't pay for these increased costs that does nothing to make your house better. I urge u to email in to all the below parties to say your piece, as higher newer costs results in higher rents & rent increases has to pay for this. As some of u know, I don't even want your house, am only keeping if for u.

Nottingham Council Selective Licensing are going for renewal Oct 2022. They have to ask the secretary of State for permission again.
Up to Aug 2021 they had £15.5 million pounds in & only found 270 bad houses. That's £57,000 a house that u have paid for in rent when u had nothing wrong with your house.

If some of u aren't in the Licensing area now, on renewal, they may include your area.
I can't pay these increased unnecessary costs if you are paying a lower than market rent.

Please change the below to suit u.

Miss XXX
27 XXX Street

I am currently paying considerably lower than market rent. I don't have a problem with my home or Landlord & I don't want this Licensing. If my Landlord has to pay your extortionate £890 feel coupled with all the onerous & punitive restrictive conditions we don't want, then I will have to have my rent bought up to normal levels. Why should I have to pay more for something I don't want, that will only make me & many Benefit tenants worse off?

We cannot move as it is as no Nottingham Landlord is taking Benefit tenants any more since Selective Licensing was bought in. And rents have shot up.

This is my home, not yours. Why are u jeopardizing this?

Put your name, address & phone number top of letter otherwise some may reject it.

Secretary of state email

Councillor who responsible for Licensing fee increase

Nottm Council Labour boss who supports Licensing

Nottingham North MP


6:52 AM, 12th December 2021, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 11/12/2021 - 09:38
Problem is that politicians never learn. We have a PRIME example in Westminster.

Gra Rock

22:30 PM, 17th May 2022, About 10 months ago

I've just started looking into the process for a number of properties we own in Liverpool.

A subset from the LLC screen about who should be the license holder:
“• Who collects the rent?
• Who issues and ends Tenancies?
• Who carries out the day to day management of the property (who do the tenants contact if they need to report repair issues)?
etc ...
Please note that licence applications will be refused if the licence holder is not the most appropriate person. “
As we employ local agents this infers they should be named: but, if so and there was an unfortunate falling out in the future, with the license non transferable to my mind we either have to suffer through the five year period or bite the bullet and pay to re-license (at full cost (as I interpret)).

We're hundreds of miles away so the local letting agent is best placed to be recognised, but I feel less comfortable locking in to an agent - change of staff and service quality declines, we'd want to change.

Has anyone yet started the process and had LCC decline them as not being the 'most appropriate'?

Any experience in this so far gratefully received.

... in the last licensing round we got called by the council as a tenant wasn't binning and disposing of her own rubbish... Sorry to admit probably being one of the bad landlord statistics!

Mick Roberts

8:12 AM, 19th May 2022, About 10 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Gra Rock at 17/05/2022 - 22:30
The words they use are confusing & misleading.

Look at Nottingham's conditions & I get lost immediately. They can't just say Give the tenant Gas certificate.

Below is what I send my tenants:

Most of u r very good. But are u perfect? Read Licensing conditions and tell yourself:
1. Could u comply with all them.
2. Would u take any tenant on that wasn't the most prim proper person ever?
3. If u was a landlord getting older, would u want to be dealing with that for EVERY house EVERY tenant?
4. Could u be doing with giving out 200 pages to each tenant each house.
5. Would u take a Benefit tenant on after being told u had to comply with them conditions?
Selective Licensing conditions Feb 2022

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