Shelter with a new PRS bashing propaganda low

Shelter with a new PRS bashing propaganda low

11:40 AM, 4th April 2016, About 6 years ago 2

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I see Shelter are at it again with their bashing of the PRS, interestingly with the dodgy lettings site they have been so lazy that whatever place you put in you just get a random selection of only about 10 properties and each only have one photo, not really much substance to it then low

At the end of the day the lack of housing which has increased rents has caused the creation of poor housing as it creates a demand for cheap enough housing for some. If there were plenty of choice there would be more competition. Ironically Clause 24 will reduce the choice available to renters which will make this more common place, and what organisation is in favor of this… Yep you guessed it Shelter!

Need a new place to rent? Try Dodgy Lettings.



Gary Dully

0:09 AM, 5th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Shelter should be placed under more scrutiny than ever.

Just what have they ever achieved?
I accept that they highlight bad practice, but they do it by tarnishing all landlords with their smear campaigns.

They never publicise the fact that tenants can be vicious, drug dealing menaces that are perfectly happy to defraud both the benefits office and their landlords, just to obtain their next 'fix'.

That tenants swindle billions from the state by subletting council houses and fraudulently keeping all the profit.

That tenants lie about their incomes, credit status and anything else to avoid the consequences of their previous actions in an attempt to obtain a tenancy by misrepresentation or fraud.

That tenants break houses, wreck estates, wreak havoc on gardens, don't recycle, smash windows, kick through walls, steal copper cable and deal drugs from their homes.

That tenants just abandon PRS properties and get rehoused by state funded employees, who know they will never respect the opportunity of a state funded or subsidised property that they desperately would prefer to give to genuine cases of need.

That tenants bankrupt Landlords, who only wanted to earn a few bob towards their pension pots, that Gordon Brown plundered.

That tenants now tend to clog up the County Court system with perpetual delaying tactics, to circumvent the rights of people waiting to rent or own a Landlords property that could be re-let or sold to some body who actually values a roof over their heads as opposed to constantly failing to understand that housing is never owing to be cheap again.

So I suggest that the voice of the Professional Private Landlord needs to shout back at them, that they have failed, they are still failing and that the only people that have ever helped the homeless are the people that buy, build, repair and renovate.

It takes money, a rhino hide and guts to rent in the UK.
Anybody can be a criminal rogue landlord, but we can't all be rogues

Dr Rosalind Beck

10:00 AM, 5th April 2016, About 6 years ago

I would suggest people drop a line to Campbell Robb at:

And ask him if he believes there are ever bad tenants and are there any good landlords and if so why does he always misrepresent the two as though the one group are angels from heaven and the other demons. He could also be asked how much housing they have provided or whether their aim is just to slag off those who do provide housing and take considerable risks in the process. Also: whether he has changed his mind yet on C24, given that it is generally accepted now that this is in effect a 'tenant tax' as rents will rise massively because of it. For those who write, let us know if you get an answer and paste it here. It was only by writing to him that I got a clear statement that although Shelter had (allegedly) not promoted C24, it supported it.

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