Shelter admit 10 million landlords rent good homes

Shelter admit 10 million landlords rent good homes

9:11 AM, 13th October 2022, About 2 years ago 1

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Shelter’s Polly Neate on BBC news Wednesday 12 Oct 2022 approx 07.20 said well over 1 million privately rented homes are not meeting the required standard. Now if there are 11 million private rented homes, does that not tell us that 10 million homes have no problem?

The Government also say they are cracking down on the small number of Rogue Landlords. Again they say a small number!

The news piece is here approx 1 hour 20 minutes in. >> Click here

So Landlords’ tenants, do with this information as you wish. They always manipulate the figures. I’ve only used her figures and written them another way.

10 million houses don’t have a problem.

So why oh WHY are they bringing in so many punitive & retrospective regs/laws/rules on ALL the houses & ALL the Landlords? Good tenants with zero problems are suffering here, paying more in rent to pay for these new rules they didn’t want or need. And then even more rent as Landlords pack up, remaining Landlords think Wow I’ve just had 150 calls for that house in 1 day, I’m increasing the rent.

I’ve just had a gal buy a house with Inheritance, she’s been with me for 15 years paying £565pm. New gal even though an existing tenant of mine wants the 3 bed, I’ve said £850pm as all surrounding rents are that. She wants to stop with me as she doesn’t trust other Landlords not to sell her home & knows I’m a Top Landlord etc. ha ha. I’ll look after her by agreeing to not increase the rent for 5 years. But wowzers Polly Neate & Generation Rent, you have just made me £3420 better off. I don’t know when the next attack is coming, so I am going to have to charge as much as I can.

I’d have been happy with £650pm two years ago.

If you keep cutting supply (cause that’s the real problem here), you make it worse for tenants.

Us good Landlords have no competion. Please target the 9.1% (your figures) bad Landlords cause you are getting all this wrong.

Shelter & Govt & Councils are punishing the 90.9% of houses/tenants homes/Landlords that don’t have a problem. Now creating a problem of more expensive rents.

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12:36 PM, 13th October 2022, About 2 years ago

Since the Scottish nonsensical party brought in Licenceing ,rents have almost doubled, mainly due to all the legislation. Council employees are bored sitting behind their desks twiddling their pencils ,thinking what else can we do to seem relevant ...and every time coming up with ill adviced non sense making things worse for good landlords and all tenants ....
Licenceing was never about getting rid of bad landlords ( they should be simply banned from this occupation) the legislation already existed ,its all about creating non jobs for council chums ,and a revenue stream .
Throw into the pot the snivelling greens who are also looking to seem relevant, who would sell his granny for a free council parking space and you have a recipe for a looming disaster

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