Selective licensing ammunition from Nottingham

Selective licensing ammunition from Nottingham

11:33 AM, 4th November 2019, About 3 years ago 3

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Some figures enclosed, some of you landlords may enjoy for your ammunition elsewhere. Click here to download Selective Licensing Update pdf.

What is interesting to me is only 642 licenses have been issued. Imagine if you had to wait that long 16 months for your car MOT or driving License. After having paid £780.

Approx 230 properties improved, but thousands more got worse cause of less budget and thousands homeless because of Licensing. That’s not a good compromise.

They say the late court ruling mean’t late changes to forms. It wasn’t late, everyone knew about it, I had several emails from the Council and Councillor Jane Urquhart saying they was aware of the ruling, but felt that it didn’t apply to the Nottingham Licensing scheme, so they chose to ignore it for months causing Landlords to spend millions in the meantime until Nottingham Council finally backtracked.

The text below a Landlord sent me:

I did go looking for actual homeless figures and found these council meeting minutes which you might already have seen.

This OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE September meeting is worth a read as well as the pdf referred to in it which mentions a budget of £9 million for homelessness. Section 20. Click here

Also the October meeting has a report on SL . Click here

The unexpectedly high numbers of licence exemptions due to planned sales is interesting.


Overview and Scrutiny Committee 9 October 2019 Selective Licensing Update

1. Summary

This ambitious scheme, one of the largest of its kind in the country, started on 1st August 2018 and is due to run to July 2023. Its implementation followed a pledge by the previous administration to introduce a city-wide licensing scheme which was part of an overall vision of ‘Quality Housing for all’.

A team of 75 officers, across 12 different roles (many of whom were recruited from outside the authority) has been established, and there is at this stage satisfaction with how the scheme has developed. Appendix 1 and 2 offer some further key statistics, graphs and mini case studies.

2. Performance update

Key statistics (to end of Aug 2019, unless otherwise stated)

  • Licence applications received 17,523 *
  • Temporary exemption requests received 763 **
  • Draft licences issued 3903 Final licences issued 472
  • Pre-licensing inspections completed 475
  • Interventions (works required / improvements made) 237
  • Properties improved prior to our inspection, but because of the scheme 67
  • Properties improved through our intervention 160
  • Formal Enforcement (Civil Penalties and / or Prosecutions) 16* Up to 32,000 properties are believed to be subject to selective licensing. However, due to reasons such as the uncertain and fluctuating housing market it is estimated that the Council will receive 24,000, which is what the fee is based on.** Temporary exemptions notices (TENs) are given where there is evidence of the property being taken out of licensing e.g. selling a property. They last 3 months and can be extended once for a further 3 months, if after this time the property requires licensing a licence is required.


    The Council has received above the level of expected licence applications to date. A whole new team needed to be created, new processes and ways of working had to be developed whilst working within a new regulatory context. This has presented challenges, but we are already seeing some positive outcomes.

    Higher than expected levels of temporary exemption requests have been received: these require a response and this has created an unexpected pressure on the team. The following are the priorities and delivery plan for the scheme as identified by the Executive Board report, April 2018:


Monty Bodkin

15:26 PM, 4th November 2019, About 3 years ago

32,000 properties subject to licensing and only 17,500 applied for.
What a farce.

Monty Bodkin

15:30 PM, 4th November 2019, About 3 years ago

"Its implementation followed a pledge by the previous administration to introduce a city-wide licensing scheme"

Sounds like they are distancing themselves from this failure.

Mick Roberts

7:13 AM, 5th November 2019, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Monty Bodkin at 04/11/2019 - 15:30
It genuinely doesn't bother me they haven't gave me my licenses yet. But I know some Landlords have paid their dues, had torture with the council application form. And they want their licenses.

Be nice if they found me not fit, I'd have an excuse to sell the houses then & it wouldn't be my fault when I explained this to the tenants of 22 years.

Yes Monty, they've acknowledged they made some mistakes. And the previous councillors that bought this mess in have gone. But what we argue is, u now saying u got some things wrong that we was telling u 18 months ago. The point is, when little old Landlord on ground level with the tenants tells u something, listen to him, don't argue or deny, he may just be right & u won't have to eat humble pie 18 months later.

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