Scotland’s housing crisis deepens as chronic undersupply of homes is to blame

Scotland’s housing crisis deepens as chronic undersupply of homes is to blame

0:01 AM, 30th January 2024, About 5 months ago 1

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Scotland’s housing emergency worsens as more than a quarter of households are in housing need.

A report by Homes for Scotland (HFS) reveals 15,000 households are living in temporary accommodation.

Last year, housing emergencies were declared in Edinburgh, Argyll and Bute and Glasgow.

Living in ‘unfit’ properties

According to the report, 123,000 households in Scotland were found to be living in overcrowded accommodation.

The report reveals that 4% of people in Scotland were found to live in ‘unfit’ properties – equivalent to 85,000 households living in “very poor conditions”.

Many households in Scotland are grappling with costs with 5% of households in Scotland saying they are struggling financially due to high housing costs – equivalent to 185,000 households living in properties that they are struggling to afford.

Scotland’s chronic undersupply

Dr John Boyle of Rettie & Co, who analysed the survey results and was the lead author of the report, says the supply and demand issue is a key factor in Scotland’s housing crisis.

He said: “Accurate data is key to addressing the housing crisis. Several solutions will be required to resolve the wider need that has been identified, such as bringing empty homes back into use, but it is clear that the building of new homes must play a significant part.

“As such, sufficient land must be allocated in Local Development Plans for much needed homes of all tenures.

“Scotland’s chronic undersupply of housing has already had a drastic and far-reaching impact on its economic and social development. If we don’t get this sorted, the consequences across a broad range of national outcomes – from health to education to wellbeing – will be severe.”

Adequate housing is a human right

HFS chief executive Jane Wood says the Scottish government must do more to tackle the housing crisis.

She said: “Adequate housing is a human right, but today more than a quarter of households in Scotland are in one or more forms of housing need. There is simply no excuse for Scotland to continue on this path.

“We need to create an inclusive and agile housing system, one that meets the needs of all those living in Scotland and which can cope with additional demand caused by unexpected and global events.

“The answer to achieving this is not an either-or approach.  The solution lies across all sectors and all levels of government.”

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10:07 AM, 31st January 2024, About 5 months ago

Scotland's housing crisis is exacerbated by a number of things, including SNP rent controls. The Scottish government doesn't have enough money to meet its commitments and just like other governments across the UK it does not have enough money to provide the accommodation required.

So introducing the rent controls the SNP have introduced and attacking the PRS, as the SNP has done, was short-sighted and it backfired: The consequences of their short-sighted and ill-thought out policies that were probably introduced for short-term electioneering purposes are being visited upon the people of Scotland.

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