RLA Counter Shelter’s Five Point Plan

RLA Counter Shelter’s Five Point Plan

11:57 AM, 10th February 2012, About 12 years ago

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Following Shelter’s five point plan to step up its fight against rogue landlords, The RLA have released a damning response labeling it a “charter of clichés which can spell danger for tenants too.”

Local authorities should be doing more to track down the rogue landlords that are giving all landlords a bad name.

Only 270 landlords were prosecuted last year, and The RLA blames that on the lack of resources available to local authorities to properly track down the “rogue” landlords. Instead, they only focus on checking the landlords that are at least part compliant. The real problem is those that successfully escape the net and work beneath the radar.

The RLA also hinted that the Shelter report is sensationalist, citing the Government’s English Housing Survey that found 84% of the over 8 million in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) are satisfied with their tenancy. The 86,000 complaints against landlords quoted by Shelter only equals 2% of all PRS tenancies.

RLA said “throwing more money at the problem does not produce solutions”, adding that winning cases will be more cost effective.

The RLA went on to systematically respond to every point in the Shelter five point plan. They batted back Shelter’s call for a higher maximum penalty by calling it “window dressing”, preferring to go down the route of better training of enforcement officials.

Shelter and The RLA both feel whistle-blowing tenants should be better protected, but RLA want to ensure a landlord’s right to evict tenants remains in tact. They also want tenants to be more aware of their rights and to properly examine properties before signing.

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