Problems dealing with a Roofing contractor?

Problems dealing with a Roofing contractor?

13:29 PM, 10th February 2021, About 8 months ago 22

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In August last year, my tenant sent me pictures of water coming into the front upstairs bedroom. There appeared to be a leak coming from the Bay.

Eventually, I managed to get a contractor to go and look, and he said it needed the Bay recovering, chimney repointing, some guttering needed repairing etc. He quoted a price and gave guarantees for the specific pieces of work I.e. 20 year G’tee for the Bay 5 years for the guttering etc.

Anyway, I got him to do the job and paid him on receipt of the invoice. The Tenant has sent me pictures of the bay again, and it appears that we have a leak again in the same area. I have tried to get the contractor back out and despite assurances promises and excuses he hasn’t been back.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and does anyone know what kind of action I can take to either get this guy back out or to get someone else and pass the cost to this guy?

Any help/advice would be most welcome as this is the first time we’ve had any issues like this since we’ve owned the property in circa 8 years.



by wanda wang

21:58 PM, 12th February 2021, About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Accommod8 at 12/02/2021 - 10:56I did have a person turned up, he spent some time to look at the roof and gave me a quote. Then I said could I have your full trading name and address if I want to go head, he didn't provide to me. What do you make of this ? I got his number from someone I called.

by Accommod8

11:59 AM, 13th February 2021, About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by wanda wang at 12/02/2021 - 21:58
Wanda- It obviously wouldn't be worth trusting a company/individual who hasn't got an address, or rather won't provide one. I would follow my recommendation of contacting a roofing merchant, asking them to see if they will give you a couple of contacts of firms who have an account with them and have been around for many years. If you see roofers' vans with only a mobile number when you're out anywhere locally, I 'd probably try to select those with landlines too. Good luck.

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