Portfolio Landlords: Now is the time to sell your properties for the best price

Portfolio Landlords: Now is the time to sell your properties for the best price

11:39 AM, 14th May 2021, About 3 years ago 6

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House prices are predicted by many to fall following the end of the stamp duty holiday and tax bills are high. If you’re a portfolio landlord, now could be the perfect window to sell part or all of your buy-to-lets, from the experts who know exactly how to do it, for the best price.

We’re all in the same boat, having built up a handful of properties in our portfolio, we’re now facing higher tax bills than ever before, and the fear of our portfolios losing their value when the stamp duty holiday ends. As a private landlord myself, I understand all the challenges landlords are facing right now. It’s why I set up the Landlord Sales Agency, and the best team in the business to help, with over 20 years of experience behind us to solve every landlord problem, no matter what the problem. I’ve personally got 2,500 houses over the line and sold, even with tenants still in the properties. There’s no issue myself and my team can’t overcome, delivering win-win solutions for landlords, so they can sit back and relax knowing everything is in hand.

A study conducted by landlord insurance provider Simply Business found that over a quarter of landlords have already made the decision to reduce the size of their property portfolios. That number is set to increase as landlords cash in whilst they can still get the best prices before the 30th of June. You need a company you can trust, who will take away the hassle, and make sure you get the best price, fast. That’s where we come in.

Here at the Landlord Sales Agency, we know exactly what to do, and as it’s founded by landlords for landlords, there’s no better team in the country to solve all your issues. We’ll raise the cash you need by getting the best price for your properties, whether it’s in selling part of your portfolio, or selling the whole portfolio. We’re faster than any other company: all our properties sell within 28 days or less.

What’s more, we’ll go that extra mile to not only solve your tax issues, we can even pay your tax bills for you with cash advances, that’s how confident we are we’ll get the job done.

Case Study:

Recently a landlord approached us with a portfolio of 5 tenanted properties that spanned from Staffordshire all the way up to Newcastle Upon Tyne. Like many landlords who’ve been approaching us recently, he wanted to sell up his portfolio fast, but get a great price. We promised him exactly that. With a mixture of marketing to both investors and first-time buyers to drive up the prices, and Covid-friendly video tours, we went all out to keep that promise.

The first property sold in 2 days. 10 days after that 2 more sold. By day 24 the fourth property had sold in Durham, and by day 26 the last and final small property was sold in Lancashire. The fifth property was sold to a buyer who was so happy with the photos and the video tour we’d got from the tenant, he made an offer without even viewing the property.

The only task the landlord had done throughout the sale was make the decision to contact us to sell. We handled everything else.

It really was that simple. £500,000 made in 26 days with zero hassle, worry or stress.

The landlord was able to sit back and enjoy just over 3 weeks of relaxation knowing he had the best team in the UK solving every single challenge for him.

Whether it’s selling part of your portfolio to release cash to pay the upcoming tax bills, or selling your full portfolio now before house prices fall, Landlord Sales Agency are doing it, solving all your problems in a way that no other company is doing.

So if you’re a Landlord who is considering selling your property portfolio, get in touch today and see for yourself what we can do for you.

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13:02 PM, 14th May 2021, About 3 years ago

I’m not sure that house prices will drop dramatically. They may slow down or even plateaux but the supply and demand problem will remain for some time yet!


14:03 PM, 14th May 2021, About 3 years ago

Articles abound suggesting asset prices aren’t about to fall and in fact say, property prices have been on the rise & will remain so for a while to come. No doubt prices are temporarily hardening due to the impending end of SDLT discount and will maybe then soften for a while, but I’m staying put until the post pandemic economy levels out. Then we’ll see.

dismayed landlord

18:15 PM, 14th May 2021, About 3 years ago

I have the remainder of a portfolio to sell. I have almost halved it in 3 years. So the CGT payments have been made and I am using a mixture of both on line and paper returns thanks to last years pay in 30 days rules. That's another subject altogether. On both of these returns HMRC have a question about are you selling below market value. Well so far I have not as I have been lucky to either gained possession via courts or the tenants have moved out due to personal reasons. Not always straight forward nor quick but also it allowed a bit of saving on CGT to spread it over a the years. However, if I go for a quick cash sale and the 'buy it now with tenants in situ' offer for cash in 7 /14 days (money in your bank) is below its value as a vacant sale then how do I answer this question on the form? Have I sold below market value for a quick sale? Yes clearly on a £400K house I have dropped it £100K. 25% your quoting on your web pages. Effectively depriving the HMRC of £38K in CGT (give or take, depending on other various factors). Is this going to cause me problems with HMRC. Will HMRC expect CGT on the full £400K? Then as buyers of a discounted valuation for an quick sale SDLT has been saved by the purchaser. I cannot see HMRC letting it 'slide'. I look forward to your comments David.


9:33 AM, 15th May 2021, About 3 years ago

Not for me thanks.


10:58 AM, 15th May 2021, About 3 years ago

The end of Stamp Duty will cuase prices to soften, but not fall, as will the trailling off of the pent up damand from lockdown.

The game changer will be inflation and rising interest rates. The government in this country will try everything to prevent this, but if the US makes a move to raise rates the UK may have to follow, we won't have a choice.

If high leaveraged, now indeed, is the perfect opportunity to sell some/all of your portfolio, if no/low leverage it doesn't matter.

Simon Lever - Chartered Accountant helping clients get the best returns from their properties

15:37 PM, 17th May 2021, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by dismayed landlord at 14/05/2021 - 18:15
Don't worry DL
The question is more to do with selling to related parties than anything else. As you would be selling to a non-related purchasor, with no connected transactions, it is easy to show thart the price is actually a market price. The price is not a reduced price as you would be selling with a tenant in place and marking it for a quick sale. These items alone would mean the price you recive is a market price.

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