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18:04 PM, 17th June 2021, About 14 hours ago

Does a new landlord inherit previous AST?

Just to add to Neils list:

Gas safety certificate
Electrical safety certificate

Would also be interesting to know whether the tenanats have been meeting their payment obligations.... Read More


13:08 PM, 10th June 2021, About A week ago

Average rent up 4% year-on-year

Assume this is taken from advertised properties and doesn't take into account currently rented property prices, which is both a lot larger in number and doesn't account for those where the tenant is not paying rent.
Suspect the average increase would be a lot lower, or indeed negative if those measures were included!... Read More


13:16 PM, 8th June 2021, About A week ago

Council declares war on Landlords while stealing housing from them

Reply to the comment left by David Judd at 07/06/2021 - 14:51
Not sure it was the council that sold the housing, wasn't it Thatcher and her right to buy?

To be fair I though the whole point of the PRS was to outsource the liabiities of housing council tenants in part to the free market, but councils have to regulate otherwise tenants would end up living in pig stys.

What may have been missed is that PRS housing will get transferred to the best tenants, not the ones the council pays for.... Read More


17:18 PM, 7th June 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Portfolio Landlord exploitation?

Reply to the comment left by Simon Hall at 07/06/2021 - 15:00
I beg to differ, although you may percieved 'portfolio landlords' are being exploited, portfolio landlords may also rightly be assessed as being higher risk.

We are just emerging (hopefully) from the biggest economic shock since 2008, and possibly since WW2. There has been an eviction ban for over one year, and there has been many tennants and landlords alike who havn't been able to pay their rent or mortgage costs.

Not only will these debts continue to roll on for years, or be written off, but the economy as a whole is still recovering. There is also significant risk of further variants of covid causing more disruption, and maybe further lockdowns. On top of that the regulator enviroment has also changed in the last 5 years.

It's very possible that the risk profile of portfolio landlords has increased and the underwriting will be based on a sector view, not only your own individual past performance.

On top of that, its pretty typical in most financial businesses to not provide as competative offers to existing customers as they do to new customers. Thats just business.... Read More


13:26 PM, 7th June 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Portfolio Landlord exploitation?

They are a private business who owe you nothing more than what was agreed in your initial mortgage agreement.

You no doubt apply the same principle to your tenants, i.e. following the fixed term period you have the right to review the rental amount and adjust as you see fit.... Read More