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18:45 PM, 9th February 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Private landlords on tenterhooks bracing for yet another attack?

Were CGT rates to rocket, the result would likely as not be a stagnation in property sales, thus people hanging on rather than baling out. At my time of life, I'd want to bale out of 2 of my 3 BTLs but not if my tax bill (which would be a stinger under current CGT now) doubles... Might as well hang on.... Read More


13:09 PM, 21st January 2021
About a month ago

DPS - Refund during lockdown?

That's pretty much exactly my experience back in June 20 with Romanian tenants. Just vanished with only an SMS informing me they've gone. Flat still full of their personal possessions. The letting agent I use advised me not to clear out their stuff or enter the property without the tenant's permission! Got contra advice from the NRLA helpline, so went in and did what was needed to be done. Apart from the rubbish they left, large unpaid bills were run up too, in a number of names.
Long story a little shorter, I claimed the full deposit back from MyDeposits as I held it. No nonsense, just stated why 100% was being claimed back and that was that.
Simple advice: don't use DPS, hold the deposit yourself and don't always believe what letting agents tell you. Oh, and be careful of Romanian tenants.... Read More


9:44 AM, 26th September 2020
About 5 months ago


The way it's shaping up, and has been for a while, leads me to plan to leave the PRS. The govts. next step is to hike CGT, which further aims to punish the private landlord.
I wish I could understand the basis of govts. wanting to ruin private landlords... but apart from idealogical bias, I just can't.
Anyways, over the next 3/5 years, there'll be 3 fewer properties to rent. Good luck to the public sector in filling that gap.... Read More


12:12 PM, 9th June 2020
About 9 months ago

Even more worrying requests by the Select Committee

That's it for me... I've seen and heard enough. I'm now passing the responsibility to house people across to local councils and the govt. As soon as this C-19 nonsense has settled down, I'm putting in place a divestment plan and selling up. I'm no longer prepared to bankroll this idiocy.... Read More


10:37 AM, 16th May 2020
About 10 months ago

Labour's emergency action plan for renters

By all means enact all those points and just watch the law of unintended consequences bite you hard. Then we'll witness the likes of Gangnam-Style try to convince us that she was only following advice and it wasn't really anything to do with her. Do all politicians have a complete lack of self-awareness or is it just the SJW clowns in Labour?... Read More