Oldham –  Selective Licensing ?

Oldham – Selective Licensing ?

10:09 AM, 16th August 2014, About 7 years ago 7

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Oldham is the latest council to be offering landlord/community consultation about “selective licensing” in some of their wards. They are offering landlords the opportunity to complete a rather loaded questionnaire about what they think….. it can be found here >>> www.oldham.gov.uk/landlordconsultation Oldham -  Selective Licensing

Interested parties must respond before 30th September 2014.

The 2004 Housing Act said license fees should not be profitable – O ldham Council think £650 PER PROPERTY is an acceptable fee – even some of the London Boroughs don’t charge that……

Even if you you as a landlord are considering buying in Oldham… please go to the website and complete the questionnaire.

Milton Keynes were stopped from bringing in SL by landlord pressure [linked article] ….. please help do the same with Oldham……



by Mark Alexander

10:11 AM, 16th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Will you now be changing your pseudonym to AllCouncilsAreBarStawardsSmith?

Good luck!

by Mandy Thomson

11:21 AM, 16th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Yes, good luck, A.B.A.B.S.

Don't forget to sign Chris Wright's petition for the DCLG select committee hearing http://twinpier.co.uk/selective-licensing/

by Mandy Thomson

12:39 PM, 17th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "16/08/2014 - 10:11":

Love it!!!

by Mandy Thomson

12:42 PM, 17th August 2014, About 7 years ago

I completed the Oldham survey - I will put up the link to the Croydon one as soon as I learn it's been published. However, I think we all know that with most councils it's just a rubber stamping exercise...

by Michael Barnes

12:20 PM, 18th August 2014, About 7 years ago

The link to the questionaire is not correct.
It appears to have been created as a relative link to this page, not as an absolute link.

by All BankersAreBarstewards Smith

8:09 AM, 23rd August 2014, About 7 years ago

Mandy - Milton Keynes council have cancelled their proposal to introduce SL throughout the town..... pressure worked there....

Thank you for completing the Q.

Oldham seems much less popular as a cause celebre here on 118 than Croydon whose thread has had 50 comments and 1913 views......


Re my new pseudonym Mark - the one area where I still have benefit tenants has a dedicated PRS officer who is amazingly helpful... so I could not, in truth, change my name to the one you suggested !! however..... don't get me talking about planners..... !!!!

by Mandy Thomson

11:21 AM, 23rd August 2014, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "All BankersAreBarstewards Smith" at "23/08/2014 - 08:09":


Re Oldham Questionnaire: you're more than welcome - I was more than happy to spend a few minutes completing it - let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Re Milton Keynes: I think their motivation for SL was in part because of councillors' rightful outrage over a terrible tragedy in which a toddler was murdered and once they'd gotten over their initial anger, they were prepared to re-consider, whereas SL for Croydon (for example) was a major component of the campaign (Don't Mess With Croydon) that they were elected on, which they seem fully committed to.

As for Croydon being a cause celebre, I don't think the discussion has been about Croydon at all, but selective licensing in general - for example, I only know of one other Croydon landlord who left a comment on it.

Finally, and most importantly of all, your pseudonym... perhaps you could consider being known as "The Poster Formerly Known As AllBankerAreBarstewards Smith"...

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