No Furlough for landlords?

by Readers Question

11:52 AM, 28th September 2020
About 2 months ago

No Furlough for landlords?

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No Furlough for landlords?

Anyone in this group belong to a landlord association? Question for NRLA why are they not more vocal in the lack of furlough support by the government for landlords. Landlords get no support whatsoever!

No support at a time we cannot evict and have to pay more tax it’s so unjust. Why aren’t they shouting about this it’s not the government that’s supporting renters its private landlords.

I can’t help but feel landlords are just too scared to speak out given the anti-landlord propaganda by this government.

Your silence is deafening. It’s time to speak out at your injustice.


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Seething Landlord

16:52 PM, 5th October 2020
About 2 months ago

Belligerent shouting at Government and Shelter has been tried and failed. Without massive support from the general public nearly all protests have a similar fate and any landlord who thinks the public will get behind our pleas to allow us to enforce our "rights" is deluded.
Judicial review is not a viable option - Government can basically do as they please as long as they follow the correct procedures.
Reasoned argument and persuasion is the only method which has any chance of success, which is why I support what NRLA are doing.

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