National Landlords Alliance meets Sefton Council

National Landlords Alliance meets Sefton Council

8:50 AM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago 30

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Wednesday 1st May, a delegation from the National Landlords Alliance held a meeting with Sefton council. The Alliance delegation consisted of Larry Sweeney, Councillor John Bullock National chair of the Alliance and Policy director John Allen. Sefton had officers from their licensing department, their legal department and their Data controller.

The purpose of the meeting was to resolve serious issues raised by us with respect to their procedures re landlord licensing. We now await Seftons response and will update our members and Property118 in due course.

With respect to the proposed abolition of Section 21, the Alliance has been working non stop and to that end we can confirm that we have been in communication with several bodies including both the NLA and the RLA . We cannot comment further at this point .

Having said that what we can say is the Shelters campaign to get Section 21 scrapped is a disgrace. We fully intend to make Shelter OWN this policy. We urge landlords to not discriminate against working tenants. At every turn explain to unsuccessful benefit tenants that Shelter have refused to bond benefit tenants. As more and more struggle, the Alliance will continue to highlight the fact that Shelter are responsible for landlords leaving the market as their property rights are undermined.

The landlord saves the deposit, obtains the finance, get the licence, insures and maintains the property. Is it right that a tenant for a monthly rent can establish the right to stay indefinitely? Absolutely not, let Shelter house benefit tenants, it’s our problem. Let us point this out constantly. The housing charity which houses nobody is now responsible for a policy which is causing landlords to look very carefully at benefit applicants.

We will update readers in due course on our discussions and approach re Section 21 as well as the outcome of our meeting with the Local authority today.

The Alliance team receive no salary. Our members have contributed enough.

What about all the landlords out there reading this article. We cannot fight for you without support. Don’t sit back and leave it to others. We are working hard. Help us to help you.

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James Mann

9:16 AM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

As a landlord of over 30 years running over twenty properties and housing over 50 tenants, my selection procedure for tenants is no longer favourable to anyone but the most financially stable applicants. I am also selling properties in the most run down and unattractive places to invest in short term lets in popular spots as they become vacant. I am not sure where Shelter will house those people that private landlords choose not to, but it is our choice!!

NW Landlord

9:42 AM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Hi Larry I have quite a lot of property in Sefton and am based in Ormskirk I am happy to help you and the alliance in anyway possible as I am totally disillusioned as a landlord and developer at the minute as are many others. I know john have met him a few times.

terry sullivan

11:46 AM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

council employees are not officers

NW Landlord

13:22 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

How many members have we got now ?

Larry Sweeney

13:27 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Thanks Nw Landlord. Im on the road and dont have access to our database. I assume you are a member, if so you will receive a confidential update going to all members within 48 hours. Feel free to email me at the alliance if you wish to discuss any issue privately.

Luke P

15:01 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Where's Annie Landlord? Speechless no doubt that the Alliance has communicated with the NLA/RLA that I imagine was beyond comprehension...

Larry Sweeney

16:00 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 02/05/2019 - 15:01
Thanks Luke. Annie should know that communication is ongoing at the highest level between the Alliance and the NLA and RLA. We are co operating and working together presently for the benefit of all our members and it is right that we do so. Our efforts will be in the public domain in due course. A huge thank you to our members who support us in many ways.

Frederick Morrow-Ahmed

17:00 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Could Shelter be prosecuted for misrepresentation? They don't provide shelter for anyone, so why are they calling themselves Shelter.

The other culprits are Karen Buck MP and her legal aid lawyer sidekick. Do they hate tenants? Why else would they devastate the lives of so many tenants who are being evicted by landlords fleeing the market on account of legislation cobbled together by these two?

Landlords are readily called rogues. Could one respond with the adjectives rogue media, rogue MPs, rogue lawyers?

Dr Rosalind Beck

20:20 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

Given the relentless onslaught by Government against our businesses, it is clear that we must be as risk-averse as possible now. This means ensuring at the very least that we run credit checks on all potential tenants. I believe this will render those with the lowest incomes ineligible for much of our housing. The Government had better get state-building of houses started sharpish. They're a bit confused and think that we as private individuals have the duty to house the poorest in society. Uh no. That's the job of Government so they should pull their socks up if they don't want to see a real national homelessness emergency.


20:32 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 5 years ago

I've always been wary of benefit applicants but I have taken a few over the years, and almost all of them have been a problem I'm afraid. I will absolutely not ever take them again. The end of Section 21 means the end of risk taking in any form. I am not even going to take tenants who haven't been in their job less than a year... and I'm gradually selling my portfolio over the next few years. I currently house 26 tenants in HMO's and I have 7 other properties for singles and families and barely a void in the 16 years I've been a landlord. Things will not be good for tenants but the powers that be seem not to notice or care which makes it clear they do not have tenants interests at heart as they say, they just dislike landlords for some reason... let's see how they cope without us!

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