Letting Agent won’t release rent (6 months paid in advance)

Letting Agent won’t release rent (6 months paid in advance)

12:28 PM, 7th November 2013, About 10 years ago 12

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My tenants have paid 6 month rent in advance ( as they did in the previous 6 months with no problems) due to them being students.

The Letting Agent is dragging its feet and will not release the 6 months rent to my bank account stating the tenants have to sign a form allowing this to happen. Letting Agent won't release rent

Previously there was no mention of the tenants having to sign a form.

Tenants have been in my property since 18th October and I have not received any rent payment, I have had many conversations with staff at my letting agents and they keep fobbing me off.

I am unsure as to what to do next, what would you do?



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Industry Observer

22:43 PM, 7th November 2013, About 10 years ago


No I can't but could probably find it given time, but it really isn't necessary.

Romain is absolutely correct and makes his point with great clarity, and so is Ian except this agent is bound to have a Foxton's style tie you in for life clause!!

Take it from me the agent will not be able to sustain their position as to why, at Law, they need to ask the tenant's consent. What should happen is they should tell the tenant it is being passed to the Landlord. Frankly most tenants would probably prefer that to their agent hanging onto it.

The agent's reference to the LL going bust is so laughable I won't bother commenting on it.

All just excuses. The three solicitors I too opinion from on this are all top Landlord and Tenant specialists and experts.

Glenn Peach

15:05 PM, 21st June 2017, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Industry Observer " at "07/11/2013 - 13:25":

Hello, can you tell me the legislation that covers the fact that the agent cannot withhold the rent paid upfront. I am in exactly the same position with my agent.

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