Landlords victory

Landlords victory

11:54 AM, 5th May 2019, About 5 years ago 24

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After a long dialogue representatives of Sefton council finally met the landlords Alliance. First let me state that the Sefton team were Welcoming, helpful and constructive. It was not a case of us fighting zealots on the contrary, the Council team were proactive and motivated to resolving the problem. Full credit to them. We must remember that while we all obviously agree that these rotten licensing schemes are nothing more than revenue raising scams, it is not the council staff that are to blame, rather the useless councillors, just as we have a Parliament full of 650 clowns .

The discussion was about the fact that Sefton were demanding addresses of landlords properties licensed outside the borough.Without re-hashing the legal points, suffice to say Sefton fully accepted our view. The council will now amend their application and all excess data will be expunged.

So to the bigger picture:

Landlords nationwide can now refuse to engage with or proceed with any licensing application where the council demand data which is excessive.(data limitation).

We now move on to Section 21.

We are in discussions at the highest level and rest assured we will not cave in. Our position is crystal clear. We completely oppose any dilution or removal of Section 21. We hope our colleagues in other organisations will join us in absolutely opposing the removal of property owners rights.

Prior to any meeting, let us again re state our position. No removal of S21 without all our demands re S8 or similar legislation being implemented immediately. Anything less is an erosion of property owners rights and the Alliance will not support such legislation.

You want us to fight like hell for landlords. No problem but we need membership.

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We have changed licensing procedures and now will halt all schemes nationwide which are not compliant. We have stated our case nationwide on BBC, we have had national coverage exposing Shelter and we are far from finished with Shelter.

We now go in to discussions in London at top level to protect Property owners rights and we will not get in to bed with anybody. Our position is clear. No abolition of S21 without pro rata strengthening of landlords property rights elsewhere. If this means the Alliance walks out of talks in London, so be it.

We don’t care. Our only duty is to our members and we will do what ever it takes to bring all landlord organisations along with us. This is really simple.

Enough of being bullied, enough telling us who we should rent to, enough threatening us with criminal prosecutions for trivial breaches of stupid petty legislation.

Here is the deal. Our members hard working tax compliant landlords say NO.

It is our properties. No more bullying, no more accepting DSS tenants. That show is over. Councils house your benefit tenants. The Alliance urges members not to accept benefit tenants under any circumstances unless their rent is fully underwritten by Shelter.

This wont happen as Shelter the housing charity which houses nobody has refused to step up to the plate and bond benefit tenants.

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Emsal Ahmet

19:09 PM, 5th May 2019, About 5 years ago

So grateful that we are standing up against this unfair treatment and bullying you have my full support
Thank you


9:36 AM, 7th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Great news over the excess data win but you cant argue that the PRS sector needs to modernise, tenant agreements as they stand now are so out of date, many clauses still refer to things like changing utilities and phone numbers, surely with an open market these clauses need to be removed.

However in my opinion instead of changing the status quo the government needs to make the court system better first and then make changes to the sector otherwise its just more continual tweaking till we have a system that just hurts the people it claims to be helping.

Laura Delow

12:00 PM, 7th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Well done Larry. Your tenacity & focus is admirable. More so because you follow through on what you say unlike many who sadly are, in the main, armchair critics. The "good" landlord community needs people like you as nothing is ever achieved without knocking over a few apple carts & by golly, you're beginning to knock over a few. Thank you most sincerely. You have my full support.

Larry Sweeney

14:10 PM, 7th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Thank you very much laura for your kind words, and thanks to the Alliance members like yourself who make it possible. Imagine if we had all those landlords who cant be bothered. We then could drive the agenda. A big thank you to all the new members who joined in the last few weeks. We are updating our systems to ensure you get member emails.

9:10 AM, 11th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Great work as ever Larry.
It still astounds me the amount of landlords who are sitting on their hands , who are often the most vocal in voicing their opinions on the latest landlord bashing and are still yet to join the alliance.


9:25 AM, 11th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Very hard to understand the background about Sefton Council article. It mentions: 'resolving the problem'' but what exactly was the issue details as I got the general idea? This is very poorly written, what's the overall story, about Sefton, and where is this Council based, and it needs to be explained from the start of the story?

margarita delaorden

9:54 AM, 11th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Thank you Larry. Great work.
Has the council said how the student market will be affected by the abolition of section 21?
The way the student market works is as follows: A group Students reserve a property at least 6-8 months in advance for a 1 year fix term (1 Jul to 30 June of following year). If 1 student decides not to leave on 30 June, what happens to the new group of students arriving the following day (i.e. 1 Jul) that have signed a 1 year tenancy agreement in line with their academic course??

Larry Sweeney

10:50 AM, 11th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by margarita delaorden at 11/05/2019 - 09:54
Reply to Margarita. Thank you. The council are to resolve the issue with their application form and not to seek this excessive data. We now want councils nationwide to expunge excessive data collected from landlords and landlords should refuse to sign up to licensing until they amend their processes.
The S21 argument is a seperate issue and nothing to do with councils. This useless May government wants to undermine property owners rights even further by banning S21. We are in talks including with the NLA and RLA to forrmulate a response and will update everybody in due course.

Chris @ Possession Friend

22:00 PM, 11th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by SimonR at 07/05/2019 - 09:36? er- Tenancy agreements consist of what you choose to put in them. There isn't any legal standard. The Government have a model tenancy ( for what its worth - not a lot, I'd suggest )
The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is the legislation that deals with any terms deemed unfair which cannot be enforced.
I'm not at all sure it does need to 'modernised' - Government haven't stopped 'butchering' it since they came to power. ( and everything having a upward influence on rents, contrary to what landlords would otherwise have imposed ) The only thing that's changed is the rate and pace of that interference in essentially, what is Private business.
As for Sec 21, before landlords suggest that ANY alternative or amendment to Section 8 ( welcome as that might be - although you can guarantee one thing, it won't be more significantly in Landlords favour than tenants ) the first thing to point out is necessity, or lack of.
9 out of 10 Tenancies are ended by the Tenant, lasting over 4 years.
No landlord in their right mind uses Section 21 on a tenant for 'No reason' there is ALWAYS fault. Anyone who chooses to join the ranks of tenants so-called charity groups like Shelter, in using the maligned term, "No-fault" is not helping landlords.
Nowhere in Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 is there mention of Fault, or lack of. The legislation states that in lieu of a lengthy 2 month notice period, a landlord can ' without prejudice ' then apply to the court for possession without having to prove a ground for making the Possession order request.
Aptly, the word 'prejudice' is something landlords have become very familiar with from politicians and the media. !
Actual possession is another 18 - 20 week process. ( Misleadingly, only the claim period time is counted in MoJ Possession stats ! )
The assertion that tenant who gets 6 - 7 months worth of Notice are suddenly turfed out is frankly Non-sense.
If the Sec 21 issue was anything other than a vote-chasing political game at both Landlords AND Tenants expense, there would be a period of evaluation of the reasons for Section 21 use ( without prejudice to the Possession order. )


15:32 PM, 14th May 2019, About 5 years ago

Thanks for giving an idea against unfair treatment. Who gets the license of the outside property of the borough. Is the National Landlords Alliance LTD a government or non - government agency.

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