Landlords Associations – a list of them all with links

by Mark Alexander

8:00 AM, 13th September 2012
About 9 years ago

Landlords Associations – a list of them all with links

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Landlords Associations – a list of them all with links

Landlords AssociationI’m not a member of just one landlords association, I joined two!

I don’t know which Landlords Association is best, what I can tell you is which ones I joined and why they are the right ones for me. I’m also interested in whether YOU are a member of a Landlords Association and why you decided that was the best one for you.

Very early in my career as a landlord I joined Eastern Landlords Association “ELA”, it was the only one I’d heard of, probably because their Head Office is based in Norwich and was I. My motive at the time was to meet more landlords and to sell them mortgages. That was over 25 years ago though and I haven’t been selling mortgages since 2003. Despite that I remain a member.

The annual membership fee is less than the price of half an hour with a solicitor and in my experience, not only is their advice massively cheaper, it’s better too as they spend all day, every day advising landlords. I’ve yet to present them with a situation they don’t advise other landlords about on a regular basis. As landlords we can often well feel alone and sometimes we all want to talk to a somebody in person than via an online forum. The Eastern Landlords Association are there for me when I need them. Sometimes a year or two goes by and I don’t need them but I keep paying the fees because I know that one day I will need them and they are worth every penny.

The other association I joined is the National Landlords Association “NLA”. They are much bigger, certainly better funded and appear to have closer relationships with politicians and other centres of influence due to being based in London. They too provide advice and have a good call centre (so I’m told) but I’ve never used the service.

So why did I join the National Landlords Association as well as Eastern Landlords Association you may ask.

The answer is that some of the providers I use offer discounts to National Landlords Association members which outweigh the costs of the annual fees. A good example is that I used a company last year to help me solve an ongoing damp and condensation problem in one of my ground floor flats. The discount I got from that one supplier, as a result of being a member of the National Landlords Association, saved me the equivalent of two years of membership fees. Therefore, my reason for being a member of the National Landlords Association is primarily commercial.

Other landlords speak very highly of the other Landlords Associations including (in no particular order):-

All of these Landlords Associations can easily be found with a Google Search or alternatively, just click on the one you are interested in to link to their website.
Did you know there were so many?
Have I missed any?

Which Landlords Association are you a member of and why?

The other thing I’d really like to understand is why so many landlords are not a member of any landlords associations at all. There are around two million landlords and yet the combined number of members of all the landlords associations listed above is less than 80,000 in total, even though several people like me are members of more than one. Why is that, I just don’t get it?


Rob Crawford

22:47 PM, 23rd March 2016
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "15/09/2012 - 14:44":

Hi Mark, please can you add "Association of Local Landlords (Wessex) Ltd". They cover Bristol, Bath, NE Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Website is . ALL Wessex is run as a Charity and membership is free. thanks

Darlington Landlord

19:14 PM, 24th March 2016
About 5 years ago

Hi Mark

Please can you add Wear Valley Landlords Association

Established in 1999 our members let properties in the Wear Valley, Sedgefield and Durham areas.

We meet every second month on the second Tuesday at 7:00pm. Anyone wishing to join the Association is welcome to attend the first meeting with no obligation. The meeting lasts approximately 1 - 2 hrs and is regularly attended by guest speakers.

WVLA are based in County Durham and work closely with the Darlington and District Landlords Association, sharing information and a free property advertising website

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