Landlords as Victims, never considered?

Landlords as Victims, never considered?

8:27 AM, 17th April 2020, About A year ago 13

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Below is a letter I have sent to the  Victims Commissioner

Dear  Dame Vera Baird,

All the landlords who seek services such as mine are victims of Tenants who abuse Civil contracts, many on a habitual basis, as Career bad tenants.

The Police service have largely withdrawn over the years from many areas such as Road Traffic offences,  Fraud and anything that can be remotely ‘cuffed off’ into the Civil action arena. Even where clear criminal offences are disclosed, Police presumably for lack of resources and priorities, wrongly ‘lump’ such matters into a Civil Landlord and tenant dispute. I have dealt with clients complaints against Police for such matters.

I read in the Guardian yesterday that you rightly expressed concern over the increase in Domestic Violence deaths during the Coronavirus  period.  The fact is that even during the exceptional virus period we’re experiencing, there are still a very necessary number of evictions that absolutely must  take place from a justice perspective.  Not only Domestic violence, but Anti-Social behaviour that blights so many neighbours lives.

I would hope you can appreciate this and wonder what representations you’ve made to government on behalf of victims from the Total suspension of Civil justice. ?

The Civil court system is a  very under-funded ( with Govt stated aim of  it becoming self-funding, which will mean even more so than now,  only available to those who can afford justice ) and inefficient.

We are still talking ‘Justice’ albeit the matter falls within the Civil Justice remit.

Civil justice [sic] is only effective if the respondent has means which can be accessed or seized.

There is an ever-increasing number of groups that claim to support tenants,  of course only needing to support the small percentage who have breached their contract, promise and integrity.

All landlords hear from Government is the need to ‘re-balance the power between landlords and tenants.’   I can tell you from my  own experience as a Landlord and as a landlord legal service, that Landlords are very much the ‘poorer relation’ in disputes that are costly and time-consuming and where the Landlord is ALWAYS at a financial loss.

Hoping that you are the Commissioner for  ‘Justice’ and not partially Criminal justice, I would like the opportunity to discuss the matter in more detail by telephone at a time convenient to yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Possession Friend


by Michael Bond

12:20 PM, 24th April 2020, About A year ago

What excellent advice, Jonathan. Also never give a reason for your decision. Shelter will delight in claiming that you have offended against Discrimination legislation, which even if nonsense would cost you money.

by Peter G

19:35 PM, 24th April 2020, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Ingrid Bacsa at 18/04/2020 - 23:35Hi Ingrid, I'd appreciate it if you could describe your strategy as it sounds very tempting! Many thanks.

Is it as described here?

by Ingrid Bacsa

0:44 AM, 25th April 2020, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Peter G at 24/04/2020 - 19:35Hello Peter
Yes that's correct. Two of my prooerties will be let with live in landlords.
I have permission for four lodgers in my current home because I had an inspection a while back due to a neighbour's noise complaint whilst I was absent and the Council noted I had 4 lodgers so they agreed this as a max. I just had to upgrade fire safety standards but no Council Licence is required because lodgers living with landlords do not have shorthold tenancies.
No strategy really - they accept a room and sign the Licence Agreement which specifies the terms of my choice and the notice period.
I have never had locks on doors - but i will be putting very small brass hasps on each bedroom door when I start letting again as lodgers do prefer this.
Its up to the Landlord to state his terms in the tenancy agreement. Mine will all be "On Licence" agreements once lockdown ends. I can send you a template.
There will be a clause stating i will enter the room for inspections twice a year regarding damp and window cleaning, and at other times if needed.
As a live in landlord all bills will be in your name - but we can collect the agreed lodger's contribution.
I hope more landlords do it this way because the balance with shorthold tenancies is very unfair and the government has gone too far in favour of tenants .
They cant - as yet any way - impose regs that apply to shorthold tenancies and the lodger is not protected apart from "reasonable notice" which can be two weeks or even less if they break your rules.
We dont deserve the removal of all control over our own business which the government has enforced. We have to fight back somehow.
Best of luck.
Personal laundry can be done once a week and sheets to go in my laundry basket.

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