Landlord training for Nottingham Selective license?

Landlord training for Nottingham Selective license?

11:56 AM, 3rd October 2022, About 12 months ago 3

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Hello, I have 5 single let properties in and around the Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire area. One property in Nottingham city centre is within the Selective licence area.

I applied and received my licence when required to do so 4 years ago.

I have now been given a week to produce evidence of attending GOOD LANDLORD TRAINING?

Please, does anyone have or can recommend such a training provider?

The council are also asking for my antisocial behaviour policy?

Any help here would be great… it’s a quiet street….. every time I do an inspection I ask the tenant if there are any antisocial issues…… none to date. Is this not sufficient?

Thank you,


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14:12 PM, 3rd October 2022, About 12 months ago

You could try
They are very helpful


20:39 PM, 3rd October 2022, About 12 months ago

I would just say that you did not require any training in being good landlord as you have several years experience in renting and you have 4 other properties that you have been dealing with since (year) (Unless it was a requirement to qualify for getting a licence)

A good landlord is one who sticks to Housing rules and legislation, follows any new amendments etc, what is there to be trained for? and you could say you are a member of and visit regularly to keep update with nerw legislations and discussions, isn't this better than a few days training?
As for anti-social behaviour, you have clauses in your tenancy agreements that if you were to receive any complaints from anyone around your property against your tenant then you would take a stern action and if warnings are not heeded then you would start taking appropriate action, such as legal eviction proceedings.
Any complaints you were to receive would be acted upon immediately and taken up with your tenants, all correspondence being documented with dates and times etc. A problem would be discussed in depth and any evidence of anti-social behaviour would be taken very seriously and actioned.

as for me, I never went for any training, and I have been renting since 1994. I keep myself updated with latest legislation through news articles and through sites like Property 118.

Reluctant Landlord

9:38 AM, 4th October 2022, About 12 months ago

post like this make me wonder, where existing tenancies are in place with agreed AST's, how can SL requirements then take precedent?

There is no requirement for me to issue a new tenancy (unless that tenant leaves) so when it comes to things like ASBO issues for example, if there is nothing specific in the AST then there is nothing 'technically' that I would be in breach of within SL? If there were issues raised of course I would deal with them but there is no prescribed action required as this is not defined in the AST. A simple case of showing and providing evidence of when an issue is raised you did your bit to try and address this I assume?

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